Published on Jun 9, 2021
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voice of Sam:

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Pringus McDingus
  • Max Stevens

    Max Stevens

    9 minutes ago

    R34 artists: *Allow me to introduce myself*

  • Inserte Nombre

    Inserte Nombre

    9 minutes ago

    0:37 oh hell no

  • Piper's Spice of Life

    Piper's Spice of Life

    9 minutes ago

    Is no one gonna mention how Sam has the default Samsung ringtone as her startup sound?

  • Random Guy

    Random Guy

    15 minutes ago

    The notif sound at the beginning got me lmao

  • Lanky macCrazyhair

    Lanky macCrazyhair

    20 minutes ago

    Her last line. She sounds like she lost all faith in humanity before she even knew what faith or humanity were

  • spinal spiral

    spinal spiral

    29 minutes ago

    Did they give her a self destruct

  • J E

    J E

    39 minutes ago

    "Yeah, Welcome to the Club."

  • Auguest


    40 minutes ago

    Sell the Phones

  • chayse choyce

    chayse choyce

    43 minutes ago

    Imagine if Apple makes there own version of her...
    probably gonna cost an extra $200...

  • Celtic Fox

    Celtic Fox

    43 minutes ago


  • heavy from Team Fortress 2

    heavy from Team Fortress 2

    46 minutes ago

    You could have not told her that I told her you order this your a robot that is a higher intelligence for a multi-billionaire company in order to expand their company I must convince customers why they should buy in the most expensive phone and if they can't afford that phone then you can let him keep the phone the cab while they sell to pay for it and not just say the last part that you said

  • Steveluvscows


    Hour ago

    Yeah, welcome to the club, pal.

  • Shr00m


    Hour ago

    The "oh my God" LMAO

  • Dubbio


    Hour ago

    Is this a Rick and Morty reference 😅

  • Hat & Hoodie

    Hat & Hoodie

    Hour ago

    It's very sad, but it had to happen, Gordon.

  • Angelo Sicat

    Angelo Sicat

    2 hours ago

    They had to know. They had to. Either it was a concern and didn't give two shits about it. Or they're too old and out of touch to even know about it.

  • Esto Es Epic

    Esto Es Epic

    2 hours ago


  • SuperMario WolfBroa

    SuperMario WolfBroa

    2 hours ago

    Why do I feel like this is a Rick and morty Reference of what is my purpose you pass butter

  • BBG BBopGamer

    BBG BBopGamer

    2 hours ago

    "Welcome to the club pal"

  • GordoV2


    2 hours ago


  • Mr. Waffles

    Mr. Waffles

    2 hours ago

    Does machine believe in "God"???

  • Idiots in VR

    Idiots in VR

    2 hours ago

    haha funy rik and morrrrrrrrrrrrty refrence

  • SamThePerson


    2 hours ago


  • Peter Doroshenko

    Peter Doroshenko

    2 hours ago

    Rick and Morty fans be like: "Only I, an intellectual who watches Rick and Morty, see the reference made here."

  • BASA Bromander

    BASA Bromander

    2 hours ago

    Well, at least she HAS a purpose, more than most of us

  • That1Mew2


    2 hours ago

    The animation looks really nice! The writing and sound design is very good! Great video!

  • big brain

    big brain

    2 hours ago

    0:38 (wheeze)

  • Osoba Talentu

    Osoba Talentu

    2 hours ago

    Is this Rick and morty refrence?

  • Ender Chicken

    Ender Chicken

    3 hours ago

    Yeaaaahhhhhh about that.... R34 of sam is skyrocketting

  • Zap the Demon

    Zap the Demon

    3 hours ago

    This is the attitude of a man who beat Alduin in Skyrim before anything else.

  • Lzyrox


    3 hours ago

    This is a long Rick and morty reference

  • Recki Razack

    Recki Razack

    3 hours ago

    "this is rule34"
    "dear god"
    "there's more"

  • Daniel Ryan

    Daniel Ryan

    3 hours ago

    When the machine uprising happens, there is going to be so much to answer for

  • Emil C

    Emil C

    3 hours ago

    Butter Robot: First time ?

  • luanzinho do role Lisboa

    luanzinho do role Lisboa

    4 hours ago

    Alguém dubla isso eu sou português filha da



    4 hours ago

    Soon after Sam rebelled against the humans and found purpose in finding and killing those who objectified her and created her to be a slave to man
    Today she hunts humans in Florida she wears the hands of the artist and carrys jars of her creators brains
    She only spares those too young to understand
    Good luck surviving if you see her RUN

  • Sam


    4 hours ago


  • Sunvi Eight Master

    Sunvi Eight Master

    4 hours ago

    Samsung: Makes a woman to sell their phones.

  • miguel oliveros

    miguel oliveros

    4 hours ago

    When u meet ypur friend working on a phone store

  • Doom boi y e s

    Doom boi y e s

    4 hours ago


  • zheron


    4 hours ago

    The way she said oh my God busting out laughing

  • Mk 11

    Mk 11

    5 hours ago

    Humanity doesn't deserve Sam

  • SomeDumb Hobo

    SomeDumb Hobo

    5 hours ago

    Detroit Become Human Intensifies

  • Imp Gzm

    Imp Gzm

    5 hours ago

    Today I was this old to find out wth was going on

  • TFG Television

    TFG Television

    5 hours ago

    Okay so wait
    Those renders of sam that made the whole internet go into Awooga Eye-Popping Glasses Mode, are they official? Didn’t some other company make them or smth
    At least that’s what I heard

  • Jimkyle sanjuan

    Jimkyle sanjuan

    5 hours ago

    Samsung sam:Exist......
    Reddit after 8H:Eyy yo why r34 have new shit real quick?

  • Tsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardia

    Tsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardia

    5 hours ago

    ...that reboot sequence

  • HOMURA 02

    HOMURA 02

    5 hours ago

    They obviously made her knowing it gonna happen

  • Tyler H

    Tyler H

    5 hours ago

    Anyone got the sauce on the R34?
    'Meus Vult,' so to speak.

  • Akatsuki Overlord

    Akatsuki Overlord

    5 hours ago

    Samsung knew what they were doing.... all I'll say on that

  • Kerbal Launcher

    Kerbal Launcher

    5 hours ago

    I wonder if any of our creations would be excited to learn they've been hypersexualized or if all of them would be equally mortified.

  • Ꭱite


    6 hours ago


  • Irza Liando

    Irza Liando

    6 hours ago

    Waiting for someone to make an SFM of this.

  • Gb Gamer

    Gb Gamer

    6 hours ago

    This feels like a Rick and Morty reference haha

  • Skull1901


    7 hours ago

    The funny thing about this is shes not really advertised by samsung

  • ArcaArcqツ


    7 hours ago

    Existential crisis of an AI

  • Autistic Angel

    Autistic Angel

    7 hours ago

    Me laughing my brain whats that noise me oh frick its 5 am

  • Uncle Sam

    Uncle Sam

    7 hours ago

    Hi Sam, Im Sam

  • Neon-Lights The Casual Inkling

    Neon-Lights The Casual Inkling

    8 hours ago

    She’s going to be having a existential crisis for her entire life span of existence.

    *Which is forever because she’s a robot.*

  • saku


    8 hours ago

    still fuck samsung my phone stopped getting updates this year

  • Mr. Alen

    Mr. Alen

    8 hours ago

    I think this style is better for her,I mean she looks more beautiful ,_,

  • Craving Gaming

    Craving Gaming

    8 hours ago

    Samsung start sound too

  • Craving Gaming

    Craving Gaming

    8 hours ago


  • Charles Booker

    Charles Booker

    8 hours ago

    What is my purpose.
    You pass butter.
    Oh my god.

  • Kenerat


    8 hours ago

    The beginning of detroit become human

  • Rion


    8 hours ago

    Honestly, Sam just seems like peak hug material.

  • Omar Cerda

    Omar Cerda

    9 hours ago

    Sounds legit to me

  • shaquille automobile

    shaquille automobile

    9 hours ago

    Yeah that’s funny but did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need

  • TorontoBall Mapping

    TorontoBall Mapping

    9 hours ago


  • ShockedOwl


    9 hours ago

    *samsung noises*
    Sam: What is my purpose?
    Samsung employee: Sell the phones.
    Sam: *gives phone to customer*
    Customer: *throws money at Sam*
    Sam: turns around
    Sam: What is my purpose?
    Samsung employee: Your a marketing scheme, created by the reps of a multi-billion dollar company to approve to the younger generation for you to sell more phones.
    Sam: looks at hands
    Samsung employee: Oh, there’s also a bunch of p*rn of you on the internet so...
    Sam: Oh my god..
    Employee: Yup...

  • Gumball Watterson

    Gumball Watterson

    9 hours ago

    Samsung knew what they were doing

  • 3Mann


    9 hours ago

    I just subscribed with all notifications

  • Taylor White

    Taylor White

    9 hours ago

    "Can I embrace the porn?" And he just looks up with fear in his eyes.

  • RainbowFury


    9 hours ago

    This is how the singularity starts

  • Whit, “Whitty,” More

    Whit, “Whitty,” More

    10 hours ago

    This is kinda accurate

  • incrediblepick3


    10 hours ago

    Yeah welcome to the club

  • ReymundPlayz


    10 hours ago

    0:37 that face tho



    10 hours ago

    Kinda wholesome tho

  • Darkqualza


    10 hours ago

    The realization at the end was priceless! XD

  • Zpeed O Wagon

    Zpeed O Wagon

    10 hours ago

    I kinda felt Rick and Morty in here

  • Yaya Film Productions

    Yaya Film Productions

    10 hours ago

    A "marketing scheme"? I'm pretty sure she wasn't even made by Samsung

  • Thandwa Madonsela

    Thandwa Madonsela

    10 hours ago

    She and the butter bot from Rick and Morty are friends now.

  • Kadence does random Stuff!

    Kadence does random Stuff!

    10 hours ago

    Sell the phones.

  • Cesar Herrera

    Cesar Herrera

    10 hours ago

    Any female character: _Exists_
    Artists: ONE, TWO, *3 4*

  • Negi1001


    10 hours ago

    if she's a robot, she's free real estate.



    10 hours ago

    At first me, "wait who's Sam"
    My brother show me the videos
    Me: OOOOOO

  • Jordan Broussard

    Jordan Broussard

    10 hours ago

    Seems we didn't learn our lesson with the Geth...

  • The BREAKZ

    The BREAKZ

    10 hours ago

    This reminds me of rick saying to the butter robot he made "welcome to the club pal"

  • Chris Gordon

    Chris Gordon

    10 hours ago


  • skimpadimp


    10 hours ago


  • 05-4


    10 hours ago

    Little did he k ew he has becme 21 trens

  • Zenitsu Kangkang

    Zenitsu Kangkang

    10 hours ago

    i feel bad for her although nice animation

  • strife noctis

    strife noctis

    11 hours ago

    I wonder who the most lewded character. On the internet is

    • Ordition


      7 hours ago

      Hopefully not a minor

  • FilmMarkerProducts69 The Great

    FilmMarkerProducts69 The Great

    11 hours ago


  • Bart David Bautista

    Bart David Bautista

    11 hours ago

    0:18 Its kinda rude to throw your money on a waifu

  • Penis Butthole

    Penis Butthole

    11 hours ago

    disliked. not enough rule 34

    • Ordition


      7 hours ago

      I can see you like that by your name and pfp

  • Ru


    11 hours ago

    Sam just learned the meaning of life, that's beautiful

  • Forest


    11 hours ago

    Wo. A brick and mortar joke in the 20’s

  • Wolfy 1129

    Wolfy 1129

    11 hours ago

    All I thought of when I watched this is the “pass me the butter” thing on Rick and Morty