Published on May 24, 2021
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Can you eat smokey balls!?



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Sydney Morgan
  • Flamingo Queen

    Flamingo Queen

    15 minutes ago

    How do you know what nitrogen taste like are you okay?

  • Flamingo Queen

    Flamingo Queen

    16 minutes ago

    How do you know what nitrogen taste like are you okay?

  • Emmy Nguyen

    Emmy Nguyen

    34 minutes ago

    Where do you get these!?

  • Airy White

    Airy White

    2 hours ago

    People: wondering what dose nitrogen taste like
    Me: getting terrified by the way she is eating



    6 hours ago

    Is no one gonna talk about the asmr in this vid

  • Chelsea Cherry

    Chelsea Cherry

    6 hours ago

    Her:🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 me: WHERE

  • Ajeet Makkad

    Ajeet Makkad

    6 hours ago

    U told that it's taste like nitrogen u have tasted nitrogen 😅😅

  • Hellish Emperor

    Hellish Emperor

    6 hours ago

    Ah yes, I too know what nitrogen tastes like

  • nurul khaisara nurul khaira

    nurul khaisara nurul khaira

    7 hours ago

    When she smile she looked like Momo

  • ¿Rexy? Animates _Art on a break cause lazy

    ¿Rexy? Animates _Art on a break cause lazy

    8 hours ago

    These are actually dangerous to eat

  • Adrian Deal

    Adrian Deal

    8 hours ago

    They look very very cool

  • Georgina Jones

    Georgina Jones

    14 hours ago

    How do you know what nitrogen tastes like

  • carie cuasay

    carie cuasay

    14 hours ago

    What is the taste of that

  • carie cuasay

    carie cuasay

    14 hours ago


  • GLITĆH_wãfflesシ♡︎𖠌


    16 hours ago


  • Dio T

    Dio T

    17 hours ago

    So satisfying

  • The secret life of Cats

    The secret life of Cats

    18 hours ago

    Mmm how you know what nitrogen taste like😳

  • mareku


    19 hours ago

    wow lol I wanna try now 😂

  • Natalie Burgos

    Natalie Burgos

    Day ago

    Is that even illegal

  • Mushii


    Day ago

    I tried these at the mall THEY TASTE LIKE FROOT LOOPS

  • Maddacheeks


    Day ago

    Those are called dragon breath I had those when I was little

  • *。blossm tea*.

    *。blossm tea*.

    Day ago

    They are dragon breath and kid kid almost die eating this

  • Drishti Patel

    Drishti Patel

    Day ago

    They taste like nitrogen do you know what nitrogen tases like have you ever eaten before

  • Duygu Demirizmir

    Duygu Demirizmir

    Day ago

    I had thos

  • Virtual World

    Virtual World

    Day ago

    So this means u are saying us that you have tasted nitrogen one day and what today u r eating today is tasting like nitrogen!!😂

  • ᴊᴋ


    Day ago

    This is I first show india

  • ECCO


    Day ago

    Dragon’s breath

  • [Insert good name here]

    [Insert good name here]

    Day ago

    Sounds painful

  • Paisley Rivera

    Paisley Rivera

    Day ago

    i was in Orlando Florida on the Same dau

  • Nikki Jones

    Nikki Jones

    Day ago

    We're did you get it I want it

  • Pink Doughnut

    Pink Doughnut

    Day ago

    What is nitrogen?

  • Emma Ngo

    Emma Ngo

    Day ago

    I tried smoky balls

  • Emanuella de Lira P. Ishii

    Emanuella de Lira P. Ishii

    Day ago

    "They taste like nitrogen"
    Me: wait- u ate nitrogen before-

  • Usako


    Day ago

    Isn't that bad

  • kivebasic


    2 days ago

    Fun fact be carefull with that I can probably kill you

  • Jennifer Mcdermott

    Jennifer Mcdermott

    2 days ago

    I hadnone of this before IT WAS GOOD it was in Gatlinburg

  • Rochelle Cassells

    Rochelle Cassells

    2 days ago


  • Poo Pee

    Poo Pee

    2 days ago

    People said that liquid nitrogen is bad for de body

  • Misha Malik

    Misha Malik

    2 days ago

    No 🤢😒😫🤮

  • ÞeCanisMajoris513Singer&Gaming


    2 days ago

    I was just ad Disney a week ago and me and my parents went to Icon park where these were and they were so GOOD 😊

  • Ong Chu Yu

    Ong Chu Yu

    2 days ago

    It’s called dragon breath I had tried them

  • Jayda Lowery

    Jayda Lowery

    2 days ago

    I had those before,they ok ,not the best but not the worst 😌

  • Butterfly Sqaud

    Butterfly Sqaud

    2 days ago

    Commenting on al your vids until you notice big fan plssss. Love you

  • unicorn girl

    unicorn girl

    3 days ago

    They freeze em in nitrogen

  • Black Moon

    Black Moon

    3 days ago

    "smokey balls"
    Me:uhh sus

  • Marquvios Winn

    Marquvios Winn

    3 days ago

    I love those🥰🥰🥰

  • SoLaR soiki

    SoLaR soiki

    3 days ago

    Are they called dragon balls or dragon smoke

  • tjenare122444


    3 days ago

    No no no she ate dragon’s breath when you eat it your lung 🫁 can actually turn into black and when it’s black it means your lung is very sick

  • •WqtxrMqllxn•


    3 days ago

    To me they taste like fruit loops

  • sus


    3 days ago

    It burned a hole through my tongue once

  • Kailen Davis

    Kailen Davis

    3 days ago

    I had these when I went on vacation a few years ago and it was called “dragon’s breath “. The people that made them said you had to chew it quickly or it will cause a freezing sensation in your mouth.

  • DigiArt


    3 days ago

    "I saw these smokey balls and had to try them"
    Thats what she sai-

  • unknown guy

    unknown guy

    3 days ago

    Oh they are so crispy in looking

  • cookiiee


    3 days ago

    I love these

  • Micheal Chance

    Micheal Chance

    3 days ago

    This is what I want to try somebody bring me that smokyballs please

  • ya boy az

    ya boy az

    3 days ago

    Icon park

  • Bruno Cv

    Bruno Cv

    3 days ago

    Noob hahahahhahahahaah nooooooooooooob

  • Jahnabi Kalitafacebook

    Jahnabi Kalitafacebook

    3 days ago

    Can you do that 🎉🏦😾🧟

  • Ruby Martin

    Ruby Martin

    3 days ago

    ✨tastes like nitrogen ✨

  • Alex:D


    3 days ago

    Those are really bad for kids and adults and they are ban but there are somewhere in la

  • ItzHeartPlayzYt


    3 days ago

    Her crunch asmr

  • Baron Alqueza

    Baron Alqueza

    3 days ago

    DON'T EAT IT it will damage your mouth

  • Delicia Ball

    Delicia Ball

    3 days ago

    She's just now trying these?

  • xadie_808


    3 days ago

    Just to be clear those are called dragon breath balls and it is actually very dangerous because some people have tried it and they have burned their cheeks or gum.



    3 days ago

    I tried those and forgot I had sensitive teeth so it kinda hurt my teeth but I still ate it

  • itsmax


    3 days ago

    i saw those smoking balls and i had to try them-sydney

  • Joshua Evans

    Joshua Evans

    3 days ago

    That is dangerous eating those

  • 「Rai Akari」

    「Rai Akari」

    3 days ago

    Y’all talking about the nitrogen but I’m still recovering from Smokey balls

  • hmcullmer


    3 days ago

    I'm not the only one that drinks liquid Nigerian

  • Dima_Does_Stuff


    3 days ago

    sMoKy bAlLs aAHahhahHh

  • Bellatrix Lestrange

    Bellatrix Lestrange

    4 days ago

    That’s nice darling

  • Yellee Davila

    Yellee Davila

    4 days ago

    More than you got those I really want some

  • Fatma iloverelax

    Fatma iloverelax

    4 days ago


  • CobwebFox


    4 days ago

    Yay now I can pretend I’m smoking!

  • Charlie's Fan _Charlene

    Charlie's Fan _Charlene

    4 days ago


  • Charlie's Fan _Charlene

    Charlie's Fan _Charlene

    4 days ago

    Its actually dangerous bc it makes ur esophagus having like a ice suck in it

  • Taniyah Bethel

    Taniyah Bethel

    4 days ago

    Do you live

  • deaf luv

    deaf luv

    4 days ago

    Omg I went there

  • Addison Walls

    Addison Walls

    4 days ago

    Where do you get them

  • amelia9706


    4 days ago

    "They taste like nitrogen"
    That's because they are, and I really don't think we should be eating it ☠

    • Broad The Savage

      Broad The Savage

      13 hours ago

      Doctors said its fine as long as you dont eat them right away because that can cause frostbite

  • Ev P

    Ev P

    4 days ago

    Actually those are bad for people with asthma

  • Harry Ward

    Harry Ward

    4 days ago

    How do yk

  • Aleyah Isabelle Santos

    Aleyah Isabelle Santos

    4 days ago


  • Alyza Bruce

    Alyza Bruce

    4 days ago

    There so good

  • Mikhayla Hani

    Mikhayla Hani

    4 days ago


  • k0balt


    4 days ago

    Um someone tell her that trend was ten years ago

  • emel raifova

    emel raifova

    4 days ago

    I had try Them but they dont taste like any thing

  • Kim Victoria Wun

    Kim Victoria Wun

    4 days ago

    I ate those one time but
    Its was a long long time ago-

  • AnaT Thompson

    AnaT Thompson

    4 days ago

    I want to try itttt

  • Marika Kudlak

    Marika Kudlak

    4 days ago

    I'm reporting

  • Taylor X

    Taylor X

    4 days ago

    I had them at a mall a few years ago they taste like expired cereal. Would not recommend. The smoke part is fun tho

  • Judy McNaughton

    Judy McNaughton

    4 days ago

    Lol that Smokey balls sounded so wrong

  • Miranda Llamas

    Miranda Llamas

    4 days ago

    Those are bad for you ;(

  • Sophie Judge

    Sophie Judge

    4 days ago

    Ive had those there really cold and yummy

  • • PixelBlix •

    • PixelBlix •

    4 days ago

    Those are dragon breath thingies, I've had them once. Didn't really like em. But it's it's like 3 years so maybe I'll like them. Eh.

  • 56kMae


    4 days ago

    It is nitrogen

  • Roblox🍫😁


    4 days ago

    Where tht attttt

  • Laura Craypser

    Laura Craypser

    4 days ago

    Smokey 🍒

  • TheBlueOne22


    4 days ago

    “They taste like nitrogen”
    Me: Well that’s because the dipped them IN nitrogen..

  • Fathima Bristhi

    Fathima Bristhi

    4 days ago

    If people are still confused about how it tastes like, it basically tastes like cheese balls but with no flavor, I've once had these at Drangon Breath and me and my friends thought it was super cool and at Drangon Breath there is smoking ice cream too and smoking drinks aswell👌❄️😋🍨❄️🍧🍦