Solar System Scale Stickers

Published on May 5, 2021
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These were so popular when we first made them, they've been a mainstay of our BEST OF BOX for years. If you subscribe today, the BEST OF will be your first box :)

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  • JoA


    Hour ago

    The fuck??? How can the moon orbit that far and still be inside Earth's gravitational field?

  • Trigg3r94


    Hour ago

    If ur really a "planet freak" then you should know that it is properly pronounced "U-ran-us" not "Ur-anus" stop pandering to juvenile potty humor and pronounce it correctly. "Planet freak"

    • Stan Torren

      Stan Torren

      Hour ago

      Is this made to woooosh people?

  • Rudy2shoes


    2 hours ago

    I really needed that kiss thank you

  • Joshua Silva

    Joshua Silva

    4 hours ago

    Dam the moon really is far away

  • Erica grantham

    Erica grantham

    4 hours ago

    Are you tires of annoying parents nagging you all the time?
    *I did something about it*

  • XplodonatorGaming


    4 hours ago


  • Noah Benavidez

    Noah Benavidez

    5 hours ago

    I'm from New Mexico and we still officially consider pluto a planet because someone from our state discovered it.

  • Kri


    6 hours ago

    I was expecting a gigantic poster with the Sun

  • commit_brainwash


    6 hours ago

    i love that uranus joke lol

  • Fart Soundeffect

    Fart Soundeffect

    9 hours ago


  • Doctor Qbert

    Doctor Qbert

    9 hours ago

    Wheres my boy pluto

  • Gmodiscool15


    11 hours ago

    guys, just imagine earth if it were 200x as large... would we be as advanced today, with continents like africa being several times the size of earth?

  • Taylor R

    Taylor R

    12 hours ago

    thank you for the kiss kiss

  • Twister


    13 hours ago

    Myanus is my favourite planet

  • GlitchyParadox


    13 hours ago


  • Phone X 2

    Phone X 2

    13 hours ago

    The hairy kiss at the end caught me off guard ngl.

  • Ricardo Pesenti

    Ricardo Pesenti

    13 hours ago

    Uranus xD



    14 hours ago

    Where's the sun ??

  • tena2sweet


    15 hours ago

    First the Uranus joke hilarious second I did not know that the moon was so far from Earth you can fit all the planets in between. how does it even pull on Earth's oceans then?



    15 hours ago

    Michael that kiss was all I needed to finish

  • MacOS Monterey

    MacOS Monterey

    15 hours ago

    He needs MOVA globe

  • A is 8

    A is 8

    16 hours ago

    Bro that Uranus joke was fucking mint

  • Jord Coleman

    Jord Coleman

    20 hours ago

    He got the set just to make the Uranus joke.

  • Hebah Khalid

    Hebah Khalid

    23 hours ago

    If the moon is that far why wouldn’t the son reflect light of other planets all the time like the moon?

  • Matt Brigham

    Matt Brigham

    Day ago

    Message from Pluto


  • susmita adhikary

    susmita adhikary

    Day ago

    The “Uranus” though….

  • Dio Brando

    Dio Brando

    Day ago

    What is everyone's favorite planet mine is Neptune

    • Dio Brando

      Dio Brando

      44 minutes ago

      @Stan Torren gay?

    • Stan Torren

      Stan Torren

      Hour ago

      Uranus for obvious reasons

  • Elisha Nobles

    Elisha Nobles

    Day ago

    Is it just me or is Uranus lookin kinda thicc

  • Mythicql


    Day ago

    No one gonna talk about how he kissed the camera at the end....?

  • Christopher Andrew

    Christopher Andrew

    Day ago

    Is anyone gonna talk about that we Michael LITERALLY KISSED US?

    Thank you Michael ;)

  • CoCo Kachaow

    CoCo Kachaow

    Day ago

    I did not give my consent to receive the kiss at the end and I feel violated

  • Dense Human

    Dense Human

    Day ago

    His mind is slowly decaying

  • Matthew Hart

    Matthew Hart

    Day ago

    Oooo i want

  • Noah Esquirol

    Noah Esquirol

    Day ago

    Thanks I appreciate it

  • Jo-lteon


    Day ago

    Thanks for the kiss bb

  • Narwhal Gaming

    Narwhal Gaming

    Day ago

    Why is Uranus so small?

  • Sleepyjoe6162


    Day ago

    This might be a dumb question and I haven’t watched the video so this is off topic but I’m not trying to be funny or stupid and I don’t believe the conspiracy theory stuff but if the sun is gonna get bigger and we revolve around it wouldn’t the sun just kinda push the whole solar system causing more days in a year because we have to revolve around it after it’s bigger? Sorry if I sound dumb I just wanna know

  • Clueless


    Day ago

    I love uranus

  • Muhammad AL Barami

    Muhammad AL Barami

    Day ago

    Okay but get this how come we can see the moon (with the naked eye) when it's smaller and the furthest but we can't see Saturn when it's closer and bigger???

  • mr bombastic

    mr bombastic

    Day ago


  • ash


    Day ago

    i screamed when michael went in for a smooch LMFAO

  • Ankur Sooraj

    Ankur Sooraj

    Day ago

    What about the Sun ??

  • Kayjeld


    Day ago

    Man I hope they put pl-
    "We also got Pluto"

  • Jam


    Day ago

    Thanks for the smooch micheal :)

  • big boris

    big boris

    Day ago

    I love this

  • Billutimme Is cool

    Billutimme Is cool

    Day ago

    what about pluto🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Kevonté


    Day ago

    Vsauce: *Pulls out a knife*
    Also Vsauce: “I did something about it”
    *IT Chapter 3*

  • Jaslene Lewis

    Jaslene Lewis

    Day ago

    I’m a stupid dumb idiot but can I ask how do tides work if the moon is so far away

  • SuperNova Adventure

    SuperNova Adventure

    Day ago

    Why vsauce said Uranus he shows his butt 0:22



    Day ago

    U r a n u s

  • PhoenixYT 124

    PhoenixYT 124

    Day ago

    Wait, when the moon is so far away and so small, why can we see it clearly, but not saturn, although it is 10 times the size?

    • D


      Day ago

      Saturn is way way way farther away. He just means that if you lined all the planets side by side it would fit between the earth and the moon.

  • Scottsman Plays

    Scottsman Plays

    Day ago

    Oh no guys he stabbed someone it was only a matter of time 🤦‍♂️

  • James Allen

    James Allen

    Day ago

    Redo the ad with a baddie it might increase sales

  • elliott teasdale

    elliott teasdale

    Day ago

    thank you for the kiss

  • Maggoty Bread

    Maggoty Bread

    2 days ago

    The kiss at the end... 😂 😂

  • Seth Cain

    Seth Cain

    2 days ago

    No I'm tired of not having a full scale model. I wanna own my own solar system.

  • Bohan


    2 days ago

    Little specs of debri lemao
    Considering pluto is the roman name for hades the god of the underworld 😂😂😂😂

  • the nut man

    the nut man

    2 days ago

    Uranus caught me off guard.

  • Brane benz

    Brane benz

    2 days ago

    the uranus one killed me

  • Jonathan Quinones-Verace

    Jonathan Quinones-Verace

    2 days ago

    Wait the moon is that far ???



    2 days ago

    Love u 🤭

  • Tige larkin

    Tige larkin

    2 days ago

    What about Jupiter and saturns moons?

  • Mr Mugo

    Mr Mugo

    2 days ago


    Why are you smiling

  • Gabriel Padilha

    Gabriel Padilha

    2 days ago

    The kiss in the end. So lovely

  • Al


    2 days ago

    Are you serious about the distance from earth to the moon in relation to planet sizes? That's amazing, gotta look it up.

  • DeadFocus


    2 days ago

    I thought he was finna make a to scale replica of the solar system

  • Tom Kaidalov

    Tom Kaidalov

    2 days ago

    Did I saw a steam gift card?

  • Utkarsh Yadav

    Utkarsh Yadav

    2 days ago

    I was waiting to see sun but.....

  • IngyBot


    2 days ago


  • dantederi


    2 days ago

    I thought he was going to kill someone. I'm glad he didn't

    Or did he?
    *Vsauce theme starts playing

  • Jawqke


    2 days ago

    Ngl Micheal low-key kinda thicc boi

  • Äddi Mess

    Äddi Mess

    2 days ago

    Never wanted to buy something I don’t need and can’t afford so badly
    The perfect advertisement

  • Pumpkin in the snow

    Pumpkin in the snow

    2 days ago


  • Ask


    3 days ago


  • Pradeep Dutta

    Pradeep Dutta

    3 days ago

    Did u notice “anus”

    Oo sry that's


  • nurotn


    3 days ago


  • Kyrenaz Kanir

    Kyrenaz Kanir

    3 days ago

    but what about the sun?

  • C U R S E D D A B A B Y

    C U R S E D D A B A B Y

    3 days ago

    How do you get them I need them now

  • C U R S E D D A B A B Y

    C U R S E D D A B A B Y

    3 days ago


  • John ( Jon )

    John ( Jon )

    3 days ago

    vsauce be those instragram models When he said uranus

  • Google account 1

    Google account 1

    3 days ago

    Holy bug man

  • PieR


    3 days ago

    That kiss threw me off

  • dede ede

    dede ede

    3 days ago

    Why you gotta do Pluto like that

  • Han Gyo Jin

    Han Gyo Jin

    3 days ago

    But where's the sun?

  • Cam Tokos

    Cam Tokos

    3 days ago


  • Lil Pingu

    Lil Pingu

    3 days ago

    I like the littel kiss he gives at the end :)

  • Dominic Petersen

    Dominic Petersen

    3 days ago

    Oh your the best with comedy.

  • Bob Lopez

    Bob Lopez

    3 days ago

    Are we not gunna acknowledge the box was fucked up and bent in half from shipping ?

  • pies dog

    pies dog

    3 days ago

    "Ur anus"

  • The MOON Is In Space

    The MOON Is In Space

    3 days ago


  • Bharath Nair

    Bharath Nair

    3 days ago

    You shouldn't have disrespected Uranus .....
    Oh wait ...

  • Trve Kvlt yes?

    Trve Kvlt yes?

    3 days ago

    Did Micheal produced and released an entire sticker set just to deliver a Uranus joke??

  • Mrstates Theobvious

    Mrstates Theobvious

    3 days ago

    The sun to scale. How does it size up.

  • DummyHead


    4 days ago

    My dad got me a curiosity box for Christmas a couple years ago!! He did the one where you get one every 3 months. I still have my Charles LindenBurger and Moorie Curies pins, and all the books I got from them!! Until recently I had some of the cool toys that came in them but my infinity cube broke and my brother lost the spinning top that turns upside down.

  • Ansh


    4 days ago


  • Noah de la Rosa

    Noah de la Rosa

    4 days ago

    Nah famo. That kiss made me drop my phone.

  • carla marchant

    carla marchant

    4 days ago

    Hey vsauce michael here

  • m s

    m s

    4 days ago


  • Sean Chan

    Sean Chan

    4 days ago