Star Trek: Lower Decks | Season 2 Official Trailer | Paramount+

Published on Jul 23, 2021
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  • JustWalk Away

    JustWalk Away

    8 hours ago

    Its not the trek i wanted but its still better then discovery and picard at least its trying to resemble trek. Tom paris is a plus.

  • The Good Mudkip

    The Good Mudkip

    2 days ago

    1:00 are those aliens the species seen in Predator?

  • Thomas


    3 days ago

    Is it me or is this like the cartoon version of "The Orville"?!

  • Serpentking789


    6 days ago

    Anyone else here think that giant scorpion Tendi looks pretty cute?

  • Gerald Drake

    Gerald Drake

    8 days ago


  • Mik Moen

    Mik Moen

    14 days ago

    You're in deep space doing an EVA and you watch your ship just book it without you.

  • letmepicyou only

    letmepicyou only

    20 days ago

    Hey guys...just wanted to say...LOOKING FORWARD TO SEASON 20.

  • Lukas Mondragon

    Lukas Mondragon

    25 days ago

    This show is basically a Star Trek version of Final Space

  • Checkpoint1k


    29 days ago

    God this ad is so fucking annoying on twitch.



    Month ago

    If you dont make a Tamarian puppet, then you suck and I will make my own, learn all the phrases and play all day long!

  • brad milli

    brad milli

    Month ago

    Super woke. Don't watch.

  • Anime Freak

    Anime Freak

    Month ago

    Honestly this is better then the stupid star wars rey trilogy crap

  • Andi


    Month ago

    This is some of the ugliest animation I've ever seen.

  • TNT1138


    Month ago

    The woke trash strikes again

  • Bob Bobertson

    Bob Bobertson

    Month ago

    I give my cat mashed potatoes

  • Avy Srinivasan

    Avy Srinivasan

    Month ago

    Looks like they kinda spoiled the fact that Boimler, either intentionally or not, will eventually get demoted and sent back to the Cerritos.

  • SimmerCK


    Month ago

    Love it.

  • EatLoveandPray21


    Month ago

    Hahaha omg tom paris

  • James E Sr

    James E Sr

    Month ago
    Star Trek Set

  • Michael Lemon

    Michael Lemon

    Month ago to kill Star Trek!? Also, how many of the likes, posts, and replies are from Paramount employees and interns?

  • Joel Gratcyk

    Joel Gratcyk

    Month ago

    Can't wait!

  • Lego clone trooper

    Lego clone trooper

    Month ago

    Bro this looks like shit

  • antony miller

    antony miller

    Month ago

    Looks more interesting than Season one

  • Joel H

    Joel H

    Month ago


  • Travis Ross

    Travis Ross

    Month ago


  • Tatl8


    Month ago

    This show screams soy

  • joshua delgado

    joshua delgado

    Month ago

    Everyone says this show is shit but I love it. It’s stupid comedy my guilty pleasure

  • Ihitthings3


    Month ago

    The 12th can’t get here fast enough.

  • Iain Ballas

    Iain Ballas

    Month ago

    I hate that these guys strangled Axanar
    but... at least they give us good stuff in return. Sometimes.
    Unlike Games Workshop... who's new policies make Paramount's lawyers look like charity managers.

    • TheyCallMeScifi


      Month ago

      I'll be that guy, Axanar got what they deserved. They had an awesome series in the with but they blew way over the line of what a fan production could do by breaking unwritten rule number 1: you don't try and monetize off the source IP. I've mostly memory hole'd the whole debacle but from what I remember the merch they were selling was directly infringing (using the starfleet logo and such) and there was no other option than to C+D them. Now you want to argue that Paramount over reacted and their new "rules" hurt all the other non-overreaching fan productions, I'm right with you there.

  • LordDeraj


    Month ago

    Ah the only good new Star Trek show

  • Tyrion Lannister

    Tyrion Lannister

    Month ago


  • Jeffrey Jameson

    Jeffrey Jameson

    Month ago

    I love Star Trek more than most things. Please kill it off already. I'm happy to watch old content, stare at my memorabilia and consider what destroyed the franchise before it was put into a state of permanent revival-murder.

  • Peppertice


    Month ago

    I always thought it was star Shrek, so I imagined Shrek floating in space in front of Saturn with a rainbow for some reason. This is way better

  • Hewy Toonmore

    Hewy Toonmore

    Month ago

    Wait, what? I thought Boimler was on the Titan now.

  • Kiran K

    Kiran K

    Month ago

    Season 1 of this was freaking awesome! Can't wait for this

  • BoxMeister


    Month ago

    Way to ruin a great franchise with a terribly generic kid's TV show. What happened to the uniqueness?

  • Dave McKewan

    Dave McKewan

    Month ago

    Hmmm. That is all...

  • Always Hatin

    Always Hatin

    Month ago

    How did this get a 2nd season? This is unfunny aspheck

  • Aaron Van Doorn

    Aaron Van Doorn

    Month ago

    That is so stupid

  • John Ochiltree

    John Ochiltree

    Month ago

    Oh my reference… so many references!!! That one reference at @1:28. I cried. Never thought I’d be alive to see this!! So good.

  • Factual Opinion

    Factual Opinion

    Month ago

    Here's hoping I will like star trek prodigy.🤞🏽
    Cause tha past 2 animated series aren't doing it for me

  • Degamer422


    Month ago

    Beckett fighting Cardasians gimme gimme gimme

  • Phillip Smith

    Phillip Smith

    Month ago

    3 million views and only 400 comments and 2.5k likes... seems kinda sus...

  • So I Say

    So I Say

    Month ago

    When the walls fell
    In winter!

  • M O O N * B E A R

    M O O N * B E A R

    Month ago

    They have busted out SO MANY new Trek shows and most of em seem kinda dumb to me. I miss the old 90's Trek tbh. That said Im also a fan of comedy animation like Family Guy and Simpsons and I feel like this show may have that level of charm that'll make it stand out. As soon as I can, Im gonna start watching the first season.

  • karson bollinger

    karson bollinger

    Month ago

    Still a direct copy of Final Space on TBS

    • TheyCallMeScifi


      Month ago

      Eh not really other than they are both animated sci-fi comedies there hasn't much in common between the two. Speaking of which though, come on adult swim, #renewFinalSpace !

  • sanquis


    Month ago

    lets all just look at how far the Borg have fallen in their standards just look at what they are assimilating they have no group respect

  • Andrew Blanchard

    Andrew Blanchard

    Month ago


  • Andrew Blanchard

    Andrew Blanchard

    Month ago


  • Roars


    Month ago

    This show got sooo good - maybe my favorite star trek show now

  • Habitt5253


    Month ago

    “Quarks” @0:24

  • Death Reviews

    Death Reviews

    Month ago

    Isn't this just "Rick & Morty" set in the TNG universe?

    • MechaShadowV2


      Month ago

      Yea I was hesitant at first because of that, and because of discovery... and Picard, but for the most part it's pretty good.

    • Willowville


      Month ago

      People have been saying this since the trailer dropped for the first season,, it's really not. Apparently one of the writers from Rick & Morty was involved, and maybe the art style is slightly reminiscent of it...but that's about it. Just because one writer was involved doesn't make this show a clone with a Star Trek skin. It has it's own identity as a comedy. I've seen plenty of Rick & Morty and, to me, this doesn't translate to Rick & Morty Star Trek edition.

  • Mr. Gaster

    Mr. Gaster

    Month ago

    Okie dokie!

  • Brandon Flowers

    Brandon Flowers

    Month ago

    Ah...I'm sorry, but this is my favorite Star Trek.

  • Josh Erspamer

    Josh Erspamer

    Month ago

    I feel it could be funnier without the swearing and LoL it is soo random humor.

  • EnhanceRaptor


    Month ago

    I think I cracked a smile once.

  • Rockets n hotrods

    Rockets n hotrods

    Month ago

    There better be more paris than a talking plate

  • cat of rom

    cat of rom

    Month ago

    Lower Decks isn't a dumpster fire.
    Picard and Discovery are planet sized dumpster fires.

  • OnlyTheBest


    Month ago

    So this is what Star Trek has been reduced to - a comedy cartoon and a bad theme park action series… sad what paramount has done with the license.

  • tekoneiric


    Month ago

    Starfleet crew members moving through Jefferies tubes could use a mechanics creeper.

  • 3Rayfire


    Month ago

    But that Miranda tho!

  • Joe Goudeau

    Joe Goudeau

    Month ago

    Long time fan (over 40 years) Although Not a fan of the new Trek shows, but… I love this show. It’s hilarious and surprisingly smart with the dialogue and stories. I hope it gets at least seven seasons.

  • The Barbarian Sasquatch

    The Barbarian Sasquatch

    Month ago

    I am just here for the DS9 references

  • Mr. Pete Channel is 100 subs away 2 the big time!

    Mr. Pete Channel is 100 subs away 2 the big time!

    Month ago

    I'm the 350th comment!

  • Jimvanhise


    Month ago

    If I was 12 years old I'd probably like this. I tried watching season one episode one but all of the character were so obnoxious (which is not the same as funny) that I couldn't finish it.

    • Patrick Condron

      Patrick Condron

      Month ago

      honestly, as much as I like the show, I will admit that the show doesn't have the best start but it does get better.

    • Gears132


      Month ago

      I just got an ad for this and was SHOCKED it got a season two 😂



    Month ago

    It’s about time we got the borg in a new Star Trek show. The borg in Picard at not the borg

  • Gage Farmer

    Gage Farmer

    Month ago

    You know I would stick with the Enterprise. Sure their Captain was a lot younger than most
    At least they had dignity.

    • MechaShadowV2


      Month ago

      True, and sometimes I feel the show goes overboard but all in all it's fun. I like to pretend it's actually a holodeck parody in universe.

  • Higher Quality Uploads

    Higher Quality Uploads

    Month ago

    Surprising that they left the ratings and comments enabled for this trailer...

  • Robert McMurrer

    Robert McMurrer

    Month ago

    I want that Tom Paris plate.

    • General Grievous

      General Grievous

      Month ago

      They actually had commemorative plates back in the '90s for many of the Star Trek series and so this is sort of a subtle nod to that also wish granted.

  • x8a3vier


    Month ago

    Since when did quark's open a new branch?

    • Procyon


      Month ago

      Since Picard. Wait, that's 18 years from now.

  • Gage Johnathan

    Gage Johnathan

    Month ago

    Remember when we all thought this show was gonna be a mess?

  • ZAI


    Month ago

    And the sad part is because this is tied to a major franchise it’s probably gonna outshine it.

  • David Sastre

    David Sastre

    Month ago

    This would be so fun if the rest of new trek wasn't also a joke.

    • David Sastre

      David Sastre

      Month ago

      @Matthew Kreps Guarantee I'm a more passionate fan than you are. You just swallow anything with no critique.

    • Matthew Kreps

      Matthew Kreps

      Month ago

      Good news! It isn't. You are just a toxic fan.

  • Jacob Erickson

    Jacob Erickson

    Month ago

    I need to watch the first season.

  • aqdrobert


    Month ago

    Not the starship we want. She's the starship we NEED. Warp me!

  • Prodigal Turd

    Prodigal Turd

    Month ago

    Total worthless garbage. Live shortly and don’t prosper

  • Jonathan R

    Jonathan R

    Month ago

    Nice. The only real Star Trek in years, besides of course that other very good one.

  • hellowhat890


    Month ago

    The Tamarians must have had such a fun time at Starfleet Academy. I'm just imagining all of the interactions. XD

  • hellowhat890


    Month ago

    0:29 Me: "Uhh... what did Picard figure out again? They communicate by metaphor? Citing example??" Time to rewatch that episode.
    Also me: "Got to say something fast. DARMOK! Our arms... open!?"

    • Me You

      Me You

      Month ago

      Shaka, and the walls fell. Can't believe you skipped the Star Trek training video.

    • 3Rayfire


      Month ago

      Temba, his arms wide. Uzani's armies with fists open.

  • Daniel Gilbert

    Daniel Gilbert

    Month ago

    Lower Decks is an all time low for the franchise. It's so bad proving Paramount has run out of ideas.

  • Tomasi Studios

    Tomasi Studios

    Month ago

    Where who cares and why bother meet, I give you Lower Deck

  • Eric Cummings

    Eric Cummings

    Month ago

    Okay, so of all the new Star Trek shows, why is this cartoon the best by a mile?

    • Mark Lawrence

      Mark Lawrence

      Month ago

      It respects canon more than the other recent shows, and it shows.

    • Commander Captain

      Commander Captain

      Month ago

      Because it has nothing to prove.

  • Green Cello

    Green Cello

    Month ago

    Quark just might have discovered the most best way to obtain more profit: Franchising.

    • J17


      Month ago

      Pretty sure we saw that in Picard.

  • DELILAH 25

    DELILAH 25

    Month ago

    “I do what I want.” 😂🤣😂

  • Becky Ray Shoichet

    Becky Ray Shoichet

    Month ago

    1:18 Eaglemoss breaks the fourth wall.

  • Glenn Martin

    Glenn Martin

    Month ago

    Boimler, when his bowels loosened.

  • Dave Liao

    Dave Liao

    Month ago

    This is the only reason I'm signing up for Paramount+.

  • Becky Ray Shoichet

    Becky Ray Shoichet

    Month ago

    Theory: Ratchet from TF: Prime (also made by Kurtzman and Orci) was blown up by the Decepticons so badly he had to transfer his memories to the evil computer.
    "Friend, I'm so worried about you. You maybe lost a couple of pounds."
    Most likely, he may be referring to Optimus Prime downgrading from his Beast Hunters mode.

  • Greyson The Greyhound Bus

    Greyson The Greyhound Bus

    Month ago

    Boimler gets assimilated.

  • Randy Randerson

    Randy Randerson

    Month ago

    Grochak. His eyes wide.

  • Rugged The Dragon

    Rugged The Dragon

    Month ago

    Remember when we disliked the first season's trailer? Times have changed---that and Discovery and Picard sucked.

  • Stalkholm


    Month ago

    Also, if anyone at Paramount reads these, you should know that some of us think that Lower Decks is, sincerely, the best Trek we've had since the Berman days. If you stripped all the comedy out of Lower Decks and just left the A and B story you'd be left with a really solid TNG-ENT era series (the humor it just icing on the cake, in my opinion.) When folks like me say that we miss optimistic, episodic Trek, we mean that we're missing what Lower Decks has in abundance. Whoever is running LD you should mind meld his brain into Alex Kurtzman's head, or, at the very least, give them a day's pay to sit down, have a cup of coffee together, and discuss what's working and what's not. LD is fantastic, and DISCO is getting better, so if they combined their powers.....

    • Sprockets131


      Month ago

      The thing i love about Lower Decks is that they take Trek seriously, but dont take themselves seriously.

  • Gregory Stephens

    Gregory Stephens

    Month ago

    So... Boimler lost his promotion?

  • Space Without Distance

    Space Without Distance

    Month ago

    It won me over at the Tom Paris commemorative plate.

  • gammaxmen


    Month ago

    Freeman knows how much her daughter loves the brig.

  • Bryce Johnson

    Bryce Johnson

    Month ago

    Anybody else notice the crystalline entity at 1:41?

    • Bryce Johnson

      Bryce Johnson

      Month ago

      AND QUARK'S BAR AT 0:23???

  • WDCain


    Month ago

    I'm bummed out Boilmer will be back on the Ceritos. I was looking forward to watching him trying to man up to his new post instead of seeing him back as Mariner's flunky.

  • Chris Moore

    Chris Moore

    Month ago

    Lower decks is the best star trek show since voyager. Absolutely love it. Can't wait for strange new worlds as well!

    • Joel Harris

      Joel Harris

      Month ago

      Placard is good too

  • David


    Month ago

    Was that a Blues Brothers Movie reference at 1:34 ?

  • 2 Old Geeks Talking

    2 Old Geeks Talking

    Month ago

    I hope they talk really fast and scream most of the dialogue like season one....yeah that would be great.

    • OpenMawProductions


      Month ago

      You're grumpy.