Surprising our EMPLOYEE with his DREAM CAR BUILD! (Full Transformation) : BMW E30 (1986 325es)

Published on Jun 5, 2021
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Our employee Victor has had this E30 for almost 2 years. Needless to say, it was in rough condition, but NOW it is amazing!. What do you think of the transformation? Comment below and let us know!

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  • Pete da Greek

    Pete da Greek

    6 hours ago

    00:53 actually it does have the bigger engine. With more displacement & cylinders then the M3's 4 cyl.

  • jackalackstyle l

    jackalackstyle l

    9 hours ago


  • trinidad lara

    trinidad lara

    12 hours ago

    Is there any parts list available for this?? I’m going to do an E30 build as well and stuff like the exhaust and dash cover would help

  • Josué Gustavo Alves Santana

    Josué Gustavo Alves Santana

    17 hours ago

    Eu quero conteúdo dublado

  • borgi omar

    borgi omar

    17 hours ago

    This build is sick!! It’s great to see team members take care of each others! Checked all the link but couldn’t find the full exhaust setup on the website, any other links for it?

  • Deo G

    Deo G

    Day ago

    Beautiful work. How much money you guys had put in?

  • Canis Sama

    Canis Sama

    Day ago

    this is exactly the environment i want for my job.

  • Hamza Nayyer

    Hamza Nayyer

    Day ago


  • koniordiliki


    Day ago

    Nice job but i don't like the rear lights, is like lada 2105😂

  • gavin Hh

    gavin Hh

    Day ago

    It needs mtec kit

  • jay pouw

    jay pouw

    2 days ago

    Makes me miss my old m3 e30

  • caiden


    3 days ago

    ya'll hiring?

  • Thiago Santos

    Thiago Santos

    3 days ago

    20:06 blitzwolf speaker?

  • james noben

    james noben

    3 days ago

    He Will work his ass off the next 10 years 👌

  • Gerardo Saldivar

    Gerardo Saldivar

    4 days ago

    You guys RULE 🤪
    Love all your content
    Big Hug from Ur friendly Neighbor to the South of the Border
    Good all Tijuana Mexico 🇲🇽
    Stay Safe God Bless ☺️🙏

  • Federico Chiapco

    Federico Chiapco

    4 days ago

    goodjob Bjorn..

  • Sbv Run 31

    Sbv Run 31

    5 days ago

    This is heartwarming great team work and excellent leadership to the CEO.

  • Tee Jay

    Tee Jay

    5 days ago

    That's sick! I'm super stoked for the brotha!

  • Junzki TV

    Junzki TV

    6 days ago

    what a surprise! hahaha

  • CAW3B


    6 days ago

    i follow yall on tiktok

  • Siosaia Lavaki

    Siosaia Lavaki

    6 days ago

    My dream car😍

  • Kingzlee Alas Calimlim

    Kingzlee Alas Calimlim

    6 days ago

    Is victor A Filipino?

  • Edwardo Fayardo

    Edwardo Fayardo

    7 days ago

    I hope someday I can work by my passion like y'all 😊
    Thats looks so much fun 🥺

  • Dani Altair

    Dani Altair

    7 days ago

    Blue mk5 😍

  • Jolo Miranda

    Jolo Miranda

    8 days ago

    Having those kind of friends and working environment is super dope🔥 salute to all of you! RESPECT

  • Sketchy_Chops


    9 days ago

    How much does this kinda upgrade cost

  • Wei Chiu

    Wei Chiu

    9 days ago


  • Norman Viola

    Norman Viola

    9 days ago

    You guys are awesome! You just like band of brothers! God Bless you all!

  • Jonathan Sanchez

    Jonathan Sanchez

    9 days ago

    what was the total cost of the project??

  • Seaf Halabi

    Seaf Halabi

    9 days ago

    Started out like a good project car ended up like a cruiser for an Arab mafia

  • Disorbz


    9 days ago

    I would love to work with you guys and get some expertise training, I've been wanting to start building a car but haven't decided what or how to do so

  • Gavin Smith

    Gavin Smith

    9 days ago

    Love the car you guys did a awesome job with victors car love the work keep on what your doing 👍

  • Basement Bar, Beers, Beards, and BS

    Basement Bar, Beers, Beards, and BS

    11 days ago

    So Rad!! I wish more shops did stuff like this for employees!!! So good for team moral!
    Love it when owners and management really care about their team!
    I will now bing watch all your videos. Lol

  • NCGhost


    11 days ago

    now to get rid of the 120hp engine..... lol

  • Denis Mali

    Denis Mali

    11 days ago

    Nice intro music...

    Wel done guys, that is how you take care of (y)our people.
    All best

  • KiNg BLiNg

    KiNg BLiNg

    11 days ago

    Please help me to pray I like this car one day to own it🙏🏼❤️

  • Alfie Price

    Alfie Price

    11 days ago

    Are you hiring by any chance??😂😂

  • Crimps RL

    Crimps RL

    11 days ago

    where can i sign up-

  • Jack Gray

    Jack Gray

    12 days ago

    Beautiful vehicle and amazing transformation. The one thing I would have done different is buy some Recaro seats because they have a classic line for BMW and other older vehicles.

  • Brooklyn dude

    Brooklyn dude

    13 days ago

    23:30 Shape in Carpet looks like a Continent My Psychiatrist Just told me to Chill out 😏

  • jamar humphries

    jamar humphries

    14 days ago

    The only thing I wanted them to show more on was his engine. Not to say a Complete rebuild but I can a tune or something. But all and all I would love for them to work on my F30

  • Suck My Shutter

    Suck My Shutter

    14 days ago

    pimp my mini van!!

  • Sean S

    Sean S

    15 days ago

    Why is this video so long lol

  • Luis Santana Delgado

    Luis Santana Delgado

    15 days ago

    Am call that, Real Friends.
    My respect. 🇵🇷

  • Marius Engen

    Marius Engen

    15 days ago

    Me as an european hate that frontbumper and rearbumper. And that chrome has to go. But its a nice build!

  • Francisco Sueiro

    Francisco Sueiro

    16 days ago

    The E30 6 Cilinder 2.5 325i has the best sound, after the 2jz

  • Simon Muriithi

    Simon Muriithi

    16 days ago

    Am in Kenya i need friends like these,friends with benefits NOT drinking only,ooooh Lord help me.

  • Tim PiBi

    Tim PiBi

    16 days ago

    Terrible engine conditions? Dirty? Bruh, come to poland ,_,

  • Matt - RR

    Matt - RR

    16 days ago

    Tout allait bien jusque au spoiler sur le coffre et au Covering tout mal fait 🤷🏻‍♂️ et c’est quoi ces merdes qui dépasse des pare-chocs ?! 🤨

  • De'Angelou Tenynson

    De'Angelou Tenynson

    17 days ago

    This type of stuff makes me happy. Find yourself a group of ppl that bring you up. Happy for you Victor.

  • sean ross

    sean ross

    17 days ago

    Drill out the bumper shocks and push in the bumpers!

  • Gershwin Records

    Gershwin Records

    17 days ago

    great video great cam

  • Der Schenns

    Der Schenns

    18 days ago

    nice car. good work. but german bumpers would be better. the US things are way too big. Greetings from Bavaria.

  • Dj Gust

    Dj Gust

    18 days ago

    You just got a new subscriber



    18 days ago

    If pimp my ride was real, good job guys

  • Ahmed ibrahem

    Ahmed ibrahem

    18 days ago

    Does this magnaflow exhaust fit for M42 on e30 ?

  • Jonah Tania

    Jonah Tania

    18 days ago

    Can I work for you guys please?

  • Appy Leonardo

    Appy Leonardo

    19 days ago

    This is LIT. Amazing ShopFamily.

  • crazy


    20 days ago

    Ale gowno zrobiliście z oklejaniem foli nie tak powinien wyglądać lakier

  • Efrain De La Riva

    Efrain De La Riva

    20 days ago

    I got a quick question can you guys do my truck?

  • Blue_Seabreeze101


    20 days ago

    How much would it cost for this restored car?

  • Carlos Carcamo

    Carlos Carcamo

    20 days ago

    Shorty installing the wrap is a baddie 🔥



    20 days ago

    To all of you that help to transform this car and bringing it back to life it looks great 😁. I was just wondering why are the front and back bumpers so big and not wrapped in the same colour?

  • Fister Mantastic

    Fister Mantastic

    20 days ago

    I loved this. What an awesome surprise for Viktor, and what a great build.
    I do wanna say one negative thing tho. The whole cup thing with picking a name was kinda lame and killed the surprise a little. Shoulda just had him walk in and see it. Would of been awesome

  • Wojciech Achremczyk

    Wojciech Achremczyk

    20 days ago

    I love the car and hate americam bumpers ugly as hell

  • Virginio Santiago

    Virginio Santiago

    20 days ago

    Do my truck

  • Sergio Cox, Sr.

    Sergio Cox, Sr.

    20 days ago

    Well deserved. The love for cars goes beyond.

  • Jim Alano

    Jim Alano

    20 days ago

    You guys are amazing!! 💯

  • Amanda Adams

    Amanda Adams

    21 day ago

    This circle of friendship is amazing! Lol my friend totaled my car 🥲😂😂😂

  • Erik Hernandez

    Erik Hernandez

    21 day ago

    Came out amazing,

  • Breezy Lupit

    Breezy Lupit

    21 day ago

    Im a father of two I am trying to transform my Lexus GS 300 2001 any suggestion what kind of style that will fit

  • Clifford Johnson

    Clifford Johnson

    21 day ago

    I love videos where everyone is showing love to the ones they work with! That’s what life’s about! Keep up the great content💯

  • nonp


    21 day ago

    Looks sick,love it

  • nonp


    21 day ago

    What a lovely thing to do ,giving is always satisfying...great group of guys.

  • Popeye daMC

    Popeye daMC

    21 day ago

    Nice, complete interiors on eBay for $2k, I didn't understand the Sparco seats... ugly ass CA bumpers need to go too.

  • fernan santos25 Vlogs

    fernan santos25 Vlogs

    21 day ago

    That amasing wow!!!

  • Ryk Mchoraji

    Ryk Mchoraji

    21 day ago

    Worth every minute. Great soundtracks used

  • Mika knika

    Mika knika

    22 days ago

    Omg the us Bumpers are so freakin ugly 😝😂. Color n wheels are nice. Exhaust magnaflow is a no go, it has to be be eisenmann, hartge or G power. Even the Recaro is a no go, too. Better go with some m technic seats and an BBS or nardi wood steering wheel. Same for tail lights, has to go with Startac or MHW! E30 Classic Must be german old school style guys.
    Ur nice guys. Nice team and such a amazing video. But the build isn’t great.
    By the way keep going

  • Jody Deweese

    Jody Deweese

    22 days ago

    Make an srt 4

  • Smiffdogg init

    Smiffdogg init

    22 days ago

    ABSOLUTE badass guys ❤️‍🔥

  • Vapor Citizen

    Vapor Citizen

    22 days ago

    Give back to the team. I believe in that. Great video

  • Boss Dogg

    Boss Dogg

    22 days ago

    Wow. Definitely put a smile on my face. This is the definition of a team. Awesome guys

  • Cankut Türktekin

    Cankut Türktekin

    22 days ago

    Team work is family work

  • red_cobra7


    22 days ago

    Their music guy needs to get fired! I can only mute every video so many times until it gets tiring! Every video has shitty music! I just wanna listen to people talk about cars and working on cars!

  • Andy Saunders

    Andy Saunders

    22 days ago

    Doesn't grinding the spindle reinforcing webs off weaken the assembly?

  • Andy Saunders

    Andy Saunders

    22 days ago

    You're lucky he didn't own a PT Cruiser...

  • Marty2465 P

    Marty2465 P

    23 days ago

    My company told me if I brought more work in that I would get a percentage of the profit - so I got more jobs and all that happened is that I had to work harder !

  • Ernest Gatdula

    Ernest Gatdula

    23 days ago

    He is blessed with true friends.

  • Chris Paul

    Chris Paul

    23 days ago

    Smiled the whole video

  • red robbo

    red robbo

    23 days ago

    Get him a euro bumper that one is offensive

  • Dominick Wilkes

    Dominick Wilkes

    23 days ago

    This got you a sub. Good shit guy

  • buuu fdez

    buuu fdez

    23 days ago


  • Chuffa 11

    Chuffa 11

    23 days ago

    Sorry you should have gone with the Ireland engineering stainless steel muffler for e30s once you break in that muffler it's unreal on an m88

  • Kool.Creation


    24 days ago


  • king Khan

    king Khan

    24 days ago

    Amazing job,they really bless dude 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Lee Freeman

    Lee Freeman

    24 days ago

    Awesome car but please get rid of those US shitty spec bumpers

  • Jun Da Li

    Jun Da Li

    24 days ago

    The car really needs a new paint not wrap.

  • Aaron Lehman

    Aaron Lehman

    24 days ago

    Now for the fan dream build, I know great idea! I should be the first since it was my idea and my 63 beetle needs some help to be something “special” as you put it

  • jalos012


    24 days ago

    Aftermarket tail lights?! 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Marlene Sanchez

    Marlene Sanchez

    24 days ago