Published on May 25, 2021
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Every tall person needs a little bestie!!!


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Sydney Morgan
  • Laila Gabrielle!!

    Laila Gabrielle!!

    8 minutes ago


  • Phoebe McClain

    Phoebe McClain

    38 minutes ago

    That’s so tru

  • Jyzella Navairro

    Jyzella Navairro

    4 hours ago

    how tall is she??,



    7 hours ago

    Can search full out onnetflix and watch it? U r gonna see ur self gurl....

  • Eleni Chvostkova

    Eleni Chvostkova

    7 hours ago

    how tall you are? :O



    7 hours ago

    Can search full out onnetflix and watch it? U r gonna see ur self gurl....

  • Mollys World

    Mollys World

    9 hours ago

    Wow ur tall i wish u never did this video as it makes u look weird !!!

  • -r a j a n y a-

    -r a j a n y a-

    10 hours ago

    Lmao I love doing this with my bff 😈😈😈

  • Piania Gacha

    Piania Gacha

    10 hours ago

    Her legs are shaking the beginning, you can see that she's on her toes or wearing high heels 👠

  • Itzgachasammy


    12 hours ago

    I have a male best friend well I have a lot of best friends I can’t choose so all of them are my best friends I have most male friends and only 15 to 20 female friends my male friends are pervs but it’s okay I’m a tomboy e-girl but act like a softie girly girl when I’m with my mom I had to move to another country with my mom and step dad I miss my friends a lot can’t wait to go back in 3 to 5 years

  • Reyna segura •×•

    Reyna segura •×•

    18 hours ago

    Me: not realizing that she is tall till now


  • Raelee Denham

    Raelee Denham

    21 hour ago

    That is just rude a lot of people are very beautiful like her and people like you are making them fell bad so STOP cuz I am short soooo

  • Amy Colbert

    Amy Colbert

    Day ago

    She looks short when doing makeup so it looks wring

  • Lamar Aljasser

    Lamar Aljasser

    Day ago

    Lol im like that with my brother

  • International Superspy

    International Superspy

    Day ago

    Tall bestie privileges we really have the ability do to this

  • Madison Acevedo

    Madison Acevedo

    Day ago

    Dang how tall are you

  • Genesis Gatica

    Genesis Gatica

    Day ago

    I never new the she was that tall

  • Lil Equestrian

    Lil Equestrian

    Day ago

    Plot twist:she had high heels on and got her friend and pretended then it made her look tall

  • Md Habeeb

    Md Habeeb

    Day ago

    Please do 🍰🍭🍨☠️

  • Sofia A Romero

    Sofia A Romero

    Day ago

    All of the os what I like to eat im going SAY WHAT IS WRONG WHIT YOU

  • Daniela Pizarro

    Daniela Pizarro

    Day ago

    Im the short bestie... im 4'11 and my best friend is like a foot and a hafl taller than me😅❤

  • Daniela Pizarro

    Daniela Pizarro

    Day ago

    For anyone wondering she is 5'10 ft tall. She said so herself

  • Pavani Reddy

    Pavani Reddy

    Day ago

    Actually ur wearing heels

  • Jessjane248


    Day ago

    The friend isn’t that short she’s just really tall

  • Lillian.A. Gaming

    Lillian.A. Gaming

    Day ago

    I’ve never known how tall she actually was

    • S.P sisters vlogs

      S.P sisters vlogs

      12 hours ago

      Me too

  • Fluffy chooks

    Fluffy chooks

    Day ago

    I just feel sorry for your necks 😅

  • linda mosley

    linda mosley

    Day ago


  • Bellaplayz


    Day ago

    She’s walking with high heels because I seen her before in a video. Also it’s still funny even if she was tall I can’t stop watching it.😂

  • sun kissed

    sun kissed

    Day ago

    wait… if Sydney is 5.2
    how shor-

  • Lily Smith

    Lily Smith

    Day ago

    Who else was the tall one, not anymore.

  • Morgan Gottman

    Morgan Gottman

    Day ago

    Omg I thought that was Hannah stocking Lol

  • Saddy Daddy

    Saddy Daddy

    Day ago

    Another song ruined by tik tok

  • Ifeoma Mj Okoli

    Ifeoma Mj Okoli

    Day ago

    Ohh she was wearing high heels I was like that's rude

  • ella wheeles

    ella wheeles

    Day ago

    i’m 6 inches shorter than one of my friends. she’s taller than my dad. one of my other besties is 4 inches shorter than me. i’m short. she’s almost 2 years older than me.

  • ʟᴀʀᴀ


    2 days ago

    كذابه لابسه كعب تسوقينها 😐؟،

  • BøT çłãÑ

    BøT çłãÑ

    2 days ago

    I wasn’t watching the vid I just love blink 182 so I listened to the music

  • bille_eilish _fan27

    bille_eilish _fan27

    2 days ago

    Is she six feet

  • Jolene  Swartland

    Jolene Swartland

    2 days ago

    My best friend is also tall and I'm so short😂

  • Musical Journey

    Musical Journey

    2 days ago

    This is me and my mom😶😂😂

  • Butterfly Latte Gaming

    Butterfly Latte Gaming

    2 days ago


  • Essie Sanchez

    Essie Sanchez

    2 days ago

    Plot twist: you can tell that Sydney’s legs are shaking and you can’t see her feet leading to conclusion that she’s wearing some sort of tall high heels or something a

  • #Not_Madison_Loserz!


    2 days ago

    I wish i was that tall



    2 days ago

    Mean 🤣🤣🤣

  • Geia Jean08

    Geia Jean08

    2 days ago

    Height reveal

  • 𝘷𝘪𝘯𝘵𝘹𝘲𝘦_


    2 days ago

    I litterly do this with my bff everytime

  • Kanjo Silav

    Kanjo Silav

    2 days ago


  • Butterfly Sqaud

    Butterfly Sqaud

    2 days ago

    Btw I’m tall like you

  • Butterfly Sqaud

    Butterfly Sqaud

    2 days ago

    Commenting on al your vids until you notice big fan plssss. Love you

  • Angeline Lopez

    Angeline Lopez

    2 days ago

    she lives in orlando bc of the roof

  • Kyleigh Bonesteel

    Kyleigh Bonesteel

    2 days ago

    The way she walks, and he legs are shaking, she has heels on😐

  • 9tz Naruto

    9tz Naruto

    3 days ago

    Choto ka??

  • Kinlee


    3 days ago

    she looks so tall

  • Capricorn_Vibes♑️


    3 days ago

    Me and my bestie are both very small, but I think I’m a little smaller even though I’m older witch makes no sense (not tryna be a pick me)

  • Thierry Payen

    Thierry Payen

    3 days ago

    Naughty girls ‼️

  • Szabi


    3 days ago

    She like 6'2

  • Neha Hindi creations

    Neha Hindi creations

    3 days ago

    She wore heels 😂 becuz her legs are shaking

  • Familie Berg

    Familie Berg

    3 days ago


  • Ramen


    3 days ago

    She lives in florida

  • only __ jimin🐤 __

    only __ jimin🐤 __

    3 days ago


  • Javed Ahmed Khan

    Javed Ahmed Khan

    3 days ago

    Hey I'm your biggest fan ☺️
    Please do orange mask 😭 please please 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kolt Campion

    Kolt Campion

    3 days ago

    Mans really said |

  • papava 121

    papava 121

    3 days ago

    Plot twist: she is wearing heels that r higher than snoop dogg at 4:20 am.

  • -ツStrxppersツ-


    3 days ago

    That's so me and my bestie LMFAO 😭😭



    3 days ago

    How tall are you?!!

  • SimplyHxnnxh


    3 days ago

    Plot twist: her legs are shaking because of high heels

  • one direction and Pijit Toys

    one direction and Pijit Toys

    3 days ago

    I dont now you so tall

  • Milan vlogs

    Milan vlogs

    3 days ago

    Use a zoo awake awake

  • Milan vlogs

    Milan vlogs

    3 days ago

    I don't even know what I'm going to do I'll wait I wait

  • Milan vlogs

    Milan vlogs

    3 days ago

    Wxdbc ok scsn

  • Milan vlogs

    Milan vlogs

    3 days ago

    Id's no ok vs snca

  • glowinqxRxse


    3 days ago


  • Little firweed♡🌺

    Little firweed♡🌺

    3 days ago

    Wow you y feet tall

  • Peyton Perry

    Peyton Perry

    3 days ago

    The way you were walking you have to be wearing heels and also when you were doing the swimming thing she looked almost the same height as you

  • Влада Золотушка

    Влада Золотушка

    3 days ago

    Это вы

  • Zane Everyday

    Zane Everyday

    3 days ago

    Why are you so tall

  • Emma Runnells

    Emma Runnells

    3 days ago

    is no one gonna talk about how cute her shirt is haha

  • Babby in a big  Family

    Babby in a big Family

    3 days ago

    I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends




    3 days ago

    Me and my besite be like

  • TeddyDoo


    4 days ago

    How tall is she?

  • 444sno


    4 days ago

    Omg ur so tall

  • Ariah Aguilar

    Ariah Aguilar

    4 days ago

    The short ones gonna be me

  • Valeria salazar

    Valeria salazar

    4 days ago

    I love this song and mom Love's this song!

  • Lailathegamer10


    4 days ago

    Ur in high heals

  • mae grace

    mae grace

    4 days ago

    the short person : *looks so offended and hurt*
    me, is short : dude ppl use my head as arm rests and do stuff like this all the time, if you were short you would be used to it by now lol

  • The adventure kids !

    The adventure kids !

    4 days ago

    Is she a dwarf there so cute so are tall people



    4 days ago

    How tall are you

  • iamDior


    4 days ago


  • Salemah Mat

    Salemah Mat

    4 days ago


  • LazyD1nosaur


    4 days ago

    That's me and my bestie lmao

  • Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson

    4 days ago

    Why are you legs shaking like that??

  • i hope u have a good day🤭

    i hope u have a good day🤭

    4 days ago

    Me being the short one but some people see me tall

  • Bad mama

    Bad mama

    4 days ago

    Lucky that's how tall I am but I'm only 9

  • Hanin Ahmed

    Hanin Ahmed

    4 days ago


  • ATRISHA 5809

    ATRISHA 5809

    4 days ago

    Fun fact a girl in india has a average height of 5'1 im 10 and im 5'2 and i was born in india

  • •Kurayami•


    4 days ago

    Me and literally all my friends:

  • Aphrodite Bambo

    Aphrodite Bambo

    4 days ago

    I am the short bestie

  • Tamia Wright

    Tamia Wright

    4 days ago


  • Laruen da Dummy

    Laruen da Dummy

    4 days ago

    Everybody is saying she has heals but her parrot video she was tall and she had normal sneakers so she is naturally tall :)

  • Smock Paper Scissors

    Smock Paper Scissors

    4 days ago

    Hehehe same with me and my bestie