The Extreme UMAMI Steak Experiment | Guga Foods

Published on Jan 20, 2021
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This very special ingredient bring out the umami flavor on almost anything. Today I am experimenting with amazing steaks. They say if they steak is good, this makes it better. Today we are going to find out if going crazy with this ingredient is a good thing or a bad one.

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Guga Foods
  • Parde` Farmeaurx

    Parde` Farmeaurx

    14 days ago

    I love this channel

  • St.Lucifer Diablo

    St.Lucifer Diablo

    14 days ago

    Dam dude ask a doctor's advise ...msg is very dangerous and is banned in our monistary and our restaurant.....are you really trying to make people sick? Just Google the danger of dude...

    • St.Lucifer Diablo

      St.Lucifer Diablo

      11 days ago

      @Kay LoL ...just Google the danger of's extremely harmful to the organs of humans.....just ask any nutritionist who studies human health not some scientist that studies only the ingredients... lol...msg has been baned by our monistary monks for a long time .... Also look into Chinese food's a nick name for msg over dose that cases swelling....but you should know this old are you not to know this...?

    • Kay


      11 days ago

      the scientific consensus currently is that there is no danger with MSG

  • Kurt Trzeciak

    Kurt Trzeciak

    16 days ago

    I would have added another set of steaks seasoned with a mix of salt and msg for an additional comparison.



    20 days ago

    Thats a musaka

  • stonecrack


    25 days ago

    Overloaded MSG will need to drink lotsa of water after that.

  • Jeanny Tse

    Jeanny Tse

    26 days ago

    CCP will takeover the world

  • Bilal Awan

    Bilal Awan

    27 days ago

    No one:
    Not even god:
    Guga: "MOW MOW"

  • onanotherlevel85


    27 days ago

    Guga: "As you can see, the only thing left to do..."
    Me: "Oh, sweet, almost done."
    10 minutes later...
    Guga: "As you can see, the only thing left to do..."

  • Solace Salvator

    Solace Salvator

    28 days ago


  • nathaniel martin

    nathaniel martin

    29 days ago

    Imagine Msg Dry Age Wagyu A5

  • Jackasaurus Rex

    Jackasaurus Rex

    Month ago

    one wrong move with the police and your gonna get questioned

  • Jacob Ellis

    Jacob Ellis

    Month ago

    I love this channel

  • Kendall Hall

    Kendall Hall

    Month ago

    Wait I thought to get a good sear on a steak you want to avoid moisture but how do you do that good of a sear if you put butter on it before its finished

  • Kuestenjung


    Month ago

    11:18 lol
    Super Saiyan Steak
    What´s next?
    Ultra Instinct Steak?

  • Harry Gay Insta : HarryPiscesPerson

    Harry Gay Insta : HarryPiscesPerson

    Month ago

    Msg is greatest innovation in foods, Asia full of spices, aromatics, herbs, etc2

  • Nathan L

    Nathan L

    Month ago

    Extreme MSG brisket.

  • James Allen

    James Allen

    Month ago

    I have to know now. Please tell me you have a restaurant or something somewhere

  • John D

    John D

    Month ago

    Repeat like a zombie "MSG is safe & healthy: all the research against it was made up by people who don't like Chinese hats"

  • koffeekage


    Month ago

    Have a shirt with two fillet mingnon and script “a couple of thicc bois” and a guga logo.

  • Cardinal Pee Pee Poo Poo

    Cardinal Pee Pee Poo Poo

    Month ago

    you what better than salt and pepper? salt and pepper with msg

  • Alfie Jordan

    Alfie Jordan

    Month ago

    'Congratulations You Just Made Steak On Crack' 🥩🧂😂

  • Toby Dauberman

    Toby Dauberman

    Month ago

    Stake is disgusting af

  • Woverrin AQ

    Woverrin AQ

    Month ago

    "mandolins are really great but really dangerous and it's easy to get hurt" wish i heard this years ago before i cut part of my finger off....

  • Swanson


    Month ago

    Try msg on venison man

  • Yamichu


    Month ago

    ‘Pomme tatin’

  • Da_Baron


    Month ago

    "The more penetration, the better~"
    Guga must have some very intense PornHub viewing habits.

  • Pyreleaf


    Month ago

    'The more penetration, the better'
    It's been a while since I watched Guga, but I guess he's not even trying not to bait the horny jail crowd anymore, huh?

  • lewis larsen

    lewis larsen

    Month ago

    omg that stake looks amazing

  • John Pendergrast

    John Pendergrast

    Month ago

    My mom had absolutely NO clue how to cook and made scalloped potatoes all the time. Every single time I had them I would vomit from how incredibly disgusting they were, but those look delicious.

  • Alfahri Sama

    Alfahri Sama

    Month ago

    I see. You're a man of micin generation as well

  • OG Kevin

    OG Kevin

    Month ago

    The more pentration the better !!!

  • Jay


    Month ago

    I could be mistaken but isn't added MSG (not naturally occurring) really bad for you? I thought it was even banned in some places and in most baby foods due to toxicity issues.

    • Kay


      11 days ago

      'natural' msg is the exact same as 'artificial' msg.

    • Zann Christo

      Zann Christo

      13 days ago

      That is literally results of racism against asian people, specifically Chinese culture. Of course there are people that are allergic to msg but it doesn't affect people that don't have that

    • aionic


      Month ago

      all of that is a myth. scientific studies have proven msg to be safe

  • Syed Bukhari

    Syed Bukhari

    Month ago

    Does he add salt to the msg steaks?

  • HaktanOyunda YT

    HaktanOyunda YT

    Month ago

    How ta crate best of the best of the best of best
    Dry Aged Seasoned with MSG and Fryed Wagyu A5 cus it pro

  • Victa Nguyen

    Victa Nguyen

    Month ago

    He needs to get on keto the bloated Kent

  • BLACK_HyDrA161


    Month ago

    these steak videos make me so hungry for good reason

  • Cyrus Mateo

    Cyrus Mateo

    Month ago

    “ouuUUUuuu that’s a whole new level right there” motto achieved lmaoo

  • Ramadlan Badar Mahangkoso

    Ramadlan Badar Mahangkoso

    Month ago

    Sorry children

  • Rangan Manikandan

    Rangan Manikandan

    Month ago

    Thanks for introducing me to Uncle Roger😁

  • Rangan Manikandan

    Rangan Manikandan

    Month ago

    Mouth watering, I love the way you enjoyed every bite of it, that shows your love for food... 👍❤

  • AnimeDubzHouse


    Month ago

    wow, i had no idea accent was msg until I watched this video. for years I thought it was a special type of salt only used on specific dishes which it is what it is but that caught me off guard

  • Good Will

    Good Will

    Month ago

    Oh duck! Whistling while talking FUIYOH!!!!!

  • Wyatt The Gryffindor

    Wyatt The Gryffindor

    2 months ago

    Here me out.
    Fillet Mignon: ✅
    Wagyu A5:✅
    Wagyu A5 Fillet Mignon: *GOD*

    You HAVE to make a video on a Wagyu Fillet Mignon!!!!

  • Meezie Prime

    Meezie Prime

    2 months ago

    Like why was nephew mouth tingling???

  • Meezie Prime

    Meezie Prime

    2 months ago

    We need a what is msg, how is it made, why is it made????

  • Meezie Prime

    Meezie Prime

    2 months ago

    Gaga are you rich??? To get all these high quality type of meat.

  • Edge Wizz

    Edge Wizz

    2 months ago

    Big Herc approves 0:51

  • Tommy Mcfalls

    Tommy Mcfalls

    2 months ago

    I already loved y'all but after ichiraku ramen and now a dragon ball reference as well as beautiful food I'm a fan for life



    2 months ago

    That dude will be having high blood pressure after this

  • Ucok Johnson

    Ucok Johnson

    2 months ago

    Inspired by Bobon Santoso

  • Marian Schlenker

    Marian Schlenker

    2 months ago

    What is msg in german?

    • Marian Schlenker

      Marian Schlenker

      11 days ago

      @Kay danke dir

    • Kay


      11 days ago


  • DeFrryo


    2 months ago

    "If you have a regular steak and you add this to it, congratulations, you just made steak on crack. That is how powerful this is. And we're talking about-"

  • 831MARK


    2 months ago

    You mean a steak on cancer. Probably not the best to recommend.

    • Kay


      11 days ago


  • Marco Cantu

    Marco Cantu

    2 months ago

    Love Guga’s advice “the more penetration, the better” 1:48 😂😭

  • Agastya


    2 months ago

    The more penetration, the better.


  • rubbi1977


    2 months ago

    calling glutamate msg doesnt make it healthy

    • Kay


      11 days ago

      msg is neither healthy nor unhealthy.

  • nacas gitt

    nacas gitt

    2 months ago

    Try msg on a wagyu

  • Tyler Cai

    Tyler Cai

    2 months ago


  • Bryan Misch

    Bryan Misch

    2 months ago

    Dry Brine MSG deer steaks....

  • jwswanson87


    2 months ago

    These guys just make me want to eat good food.
    Oh man, am I craving a good steak now.

  • goofies on cf

    goofies on cf

    2 months ago

    After dry-brining with msg do you then season with salt again? Or just start grilling as is?

  • Ismail Parekh

    Ismail Parekh

    2 months ago

    Make black garlic butter!

  • Wayne Williamson

    Wayne Williamson

    2 months ago

    I would love to see the potatoes done with just regular milk instead of cream...just a thought...

  • Nick Johnson

    Nick Johnson

    2 months ago

    You're missing a few knives in your Gladiator's set I recommend the Crixus hybrid they offer

  • Dan Lundgren

    Dan Lundgren

    2 months ago

    Sucks that you guys say it is so good. All I get from MSG is massive headache.

  • Aplós


    2 months ago

    Y’all using MSG wrong but no complaints 😂

  • chris Maybach

    chris Maybach

    2 months ago

    Pointless experiments

    • Kay


      11 days ago

      no experiment is pointless. Science 101

  • M Dobinson

    M Dobinson

    2 months ago

    You mentioned MSG Butter - its that a product you buy? or do you have a recipe?

  • Mark B

    Mark B

    3 months ago

    Omfg that’s the potato bake recipe I’ve been looking for that looks amazing!!

  • ismael corona

    ismael corona

    3 months ago

    Omfg if I was gay. I'd marry you

  • Alfonso Leal

    Alfonso Leal

    3 months ago

    Im gonna recomend this channel to ALL my friends just because of the dragon ball commentary when comparing the steaks! AWESOME!!

  • AlexJin


    3 months ago

    “They are some THICCbois”

  • burim rexhaj

    burim rexhaj

    3 months ago

    This is regular goku, this is super saiyan 🤙🏽 got me there 😂🔥

  • Derim Devlet

    Derim Devlet

    3 months ago

    Namus Şeref
    Süfyani karın deşen jack fitneleri Eşraf mertebesinde kafa deşen nevzat mertebesinde mi?

  • hardly gospel

    hardly gospel

    3 months ago

    "The more penetration, the better' - Couldn't agree more.

  • BigFish MMORPG Adventures

    BigFish MMORPG Adventures

    3 months ago

    The more penetration, the better. well done guga, youre a man of culture 😍😍😍

  • Ajet Kanacevic

    Ajet Kanacevic

    3 months ago

    Thicc bois

  • AJ


    3 months ago

    Yes. We Chinese cook with msg.. marinade.. in soup.. in sauce.. not sprinkle msg like your other video.. not in alcohol.. not in ice cream.. not in cookies... cook with it, is the way to go.. and little bit goes a long way..

  • Krod & Lori

    Krod & Lori

    3 months ago

    MSG A5 LETS GO!!!!!

  • Ame


    3 months ago

    gordon wil forget about the lamb sauce if he use this in dailybasis

  • Jam Fox

    Jam Fox

    3 months ago

    I thought MSG was unhealthy, even illegal in some countries, and also didn’t realize it was so accessible.. ?? Crazy.

    • kaiqi yang

      kaiqi yang

      Month ago

      MSG is as unhealthy as regular salt.

  • Freeze2K


    3 months ago

    A5 wagyu nd msg 😍

  • UXUBaron


    3 months ago

    Now we know Guga has to make an MSG wagyu

  • Highway Hero

    Highway Hero

    3 months ago

    steak on crack?
    "on crack" is not a reference for making things "better"
    just means - faster, more jittery, lol GUGA youre crazy. lol

  • Chucky Charlie

    Chucky Charlie

    3 months ago

    Couldn't imagine food without msg. Haha. Once you tried it, cant go back.

  • Katherine Gardiner-Johnson

    Katherine Gardiner-Johnson

    3 months ago

    I'm going to try this at home! I always cook with Aji-No-Moto, ever since I was a little. I don't understand the "No MSG" signs in restaurant. It's like they're advertising "Our food has no flavor".

  • Ed Chang

    Ed Chang

    3 months ago

    Hiyaaaaa, Uncle Roger approves!! Just got my MSG delivered today. Good video Guga Foods

  • Andy's History Lessons

    Andy's History Lessons

    3 months ago

    “The more penetration, the better.” That’s what she said.

  • Mahamed Aden

    Mahamed Aden

    3 months ago

    why am i waching this while fasting

  • Hector


    3 months ago


  • Hi Tahiti

    Hi Tahiti

    3 months ago


  • WoOdY_FrOmDa6iX


    3 months ago

    What happen to the other guy not his cousin but his friend that was always there trying the food why hasn’t he been on videos for a while actually?

  • Roy Henning

    Roy Henning

    3 months ago

    Super Saiyan steak 😂

  • Gabe Richen

    Gabe Richen

    3 months ago

    You should make wague a 5 burger

  • Igor Costa Ahern

    Igor Costa Ahern

    3 months ago

    Plz send the link of the firebox that you use in your videos :D

  • Gerardo Orozco

    Gerardo Orozco

    3 months ago

    Interesting! Guga, I actually tried (a few months ago) basically the same experiment. I used prime rib-eye steak, dried-brine with kosher salt and MSG for 24 hrs; but instead of cooking it in indirect heat. I used sous-vide - shooting for medium-rare. Unfortunately, the results were not good. The texture of the meat really suffered. It became mushy. In my opinion I ruined the steak. Next time, I only dried-brined with salt, and added the MSG after the steaks were seared (just before eating). The results were AMAZING - best steak I have cooked so far. I was wondering if you might like to try the same experiment using sous-vide, just to see if you experience the same poor results?

  • ᑕᕼᗩᑎᗴᒪᘜOᒪᗪՏᗯᗩIᑎ


    3 months ago

    i love you with m life

  • Bee Th

    Bee Th

    3 months ago

    two youtuber promoting each other

  • Patexer


    3 months ago

    dry age a steak with msg,
    just have the steak completely covered

  • Zero Frecks Given

    Zero Frecks Given

    3 months ago

    Regular steak: I’m strong and rich in flavour
    MSG powered steak: am I a joke to you.