The Inside Crew Reacts to Chris Paul Entering the NBA’s Health & Safety Protocols | NBA on TNT

Published on Jun 16, 2021
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Shaq, Kenny, Chuck and Ernie discuss the impact of Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul entering the NBA's health and safety protocols.

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  • Joseph Keller

    Joseph Keller

    15 days ago

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  • Felicia Moniq

    Felicia Moniq

    Month ago

    Love older ppl but please realize that this generation was raised by the previous generation so it says a lot. SVG coaches the right way and a winner would be okay with that.
    These young kids are a product of YOU.

  • Lord Sango

    Lord Sango

    Month ago

    He coulda played with a mask on.

  • Ho Thien Tri

    Ho Thien Tri

    Month ago

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  • Oscar Bonollo

    Oscar Bonollo

    Month ago

    Wow Chuck, Paul Westphal doesn't even get a mention that is cold as :D

  • Issa G Thing

    Issa G Thing

    Month ago

    Stan Van REALLY does seem like I good guy! I thought this way back when he and Dwight had their issues... I'm like two good guys not getting along, what's the world coming to?

  • Drunkest Hour

    Drunkest Hour

    Month ago

    Bucks should consider Van Gundy if they fire Budenholzer.

  • Scott S

    Scott S

    Month ago

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  • Steve N

    Steve N

    Month ago

    NBA is rigged. Covid is just another weapon in its arsenal to manipulate games series and who wins championships.

  • MrTekbiz


    Month ago

    and there you go.......covid caught with vaccine

  • Harmen Greven

    Harmen Greven

    Month ago

    If he is vaccinated. Test him again and a blood test and see if his vaccination works or that is infected.
    CP3 does not deserve to get kicked out because of a false positive.

  • Mark “Invincible” Grayson

    Mark “Invincible” Grayson

    Month ago

    clippers dont have kawhi so phoenix has a chance to win atleast 1 out of the 2 games without chris paul

  • GymHustle


    Month ago

    something about Cp3 and the playoffs... so he's the only to test positive🤔

  • Jasen Storme

    Jasen Storme

    Month ago

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  • Saurabh Shetty

    Saurabh Shetty

    Month ago

    Kenny can literally say nothing even after saying so many thinggs

  • AthaliYah Bayt Judas

    AthaliYah Bayt Judas

    Month ago

    NBA is so scripted I told people CP3 will throw the WCF

  • Anthony Zarate

    Anthony Zarate

    Month ago

    Is anyone gonna point out the hypocrisy of CP3 being suspended indefinitely and LeBron not even getting a slap on wrist.

  • Ishmael Moh

    Ishmael Moh

    Month ago

    SVG has not adapted to the changes in this league. He was a great coach at one point but he lost his touch in Orlando in 2011.

  • China Expat

    China Expat

    Month ago




    Month ago

    So if CP3 was vaccinated in February, how long does immunity last? Will vaccinated players need booster shots in the Autumn?

  • Patricklee lee

    Patricklee lee

    Month ago

    Charles Barkley is who he said he was and we let him off the hook for not getting us a RING lol
    quote::Dennis Green
    I'm a True phx suns Fan serious tho I love Chuck also love Shaq I wonder if Shaq & Chuck ever thought about playinñ;g on the same team the Deisal as CENTER and Chuck as Power Foward..????? 🤫🤔🤔

  • asda asda

    asda asda

    Month ago

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  • Winifred Winifred

    Winifred Winifred

    Month ago

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  • Neal Nez

    Neal Nez

    Month ago

    CP3 will play game 2

  • bajmagi gopaqsop

    bajmagi gopaqsop

    Month ago

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  • Devonte The Dog

    Devonte The Dog

    Month ago


  • T Redd

    T Redd

    Month ago

    If this is booker vs PG13 it will be a great series let’s be honest the nba better with teams that got one Man.

  • dq9


    Month ago

    Shaq needs to stop calling everyone "soft" while being the biggest baby on the internet. At the end of the day, it's a couple of old men yelling at clouds. Also Stan Van Gundy didn't work out as coach because not only is he a lousy coach, but he's also a Van Gundy which makes him even more pathetic.

  • James Stocks

    James Stocks

    Month ago

    NBA to further their Marxist propaganda, Lebron James, NBPA president Chris Paul, and a small group of players met with Barack Obama to seek advice.  .. On television, former Houston Rockets player-turned-TV analyst Kenny Smith told the audience that he was going to join the protest, too. So, while on live TV, Smith took off his headset and walked away while Shaquille O'Neal, Charles Barkley, and host Ernie Johnson watched, Obama is a Marxist and he won’t stop pushing his suffocating ideology, even in entertainment. ..  ..

  • Parker Essential

    Parker Essential

    Month ago

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  • kekcuti sacegko

    kekcuti sacegko

    Month ago

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  • Oakley toniya

    Oakley toniya

    Month ago

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  • Zeytountsi


    Month ago

    Chris Paul is a crybaby but I hope he recovers soon

  • Psycho Blue

    Psycho Blue

    Month ago

    In my opinion Stan needs to take an approach similar to Tom in New York, you see Tom still has his way of coaching but he definitely learned to speak and connect with the players of this era differently.

  • Lesly Guel

    Lesly Guel

    Month ago

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  • Dragon Dyce

    Dragon Dyce

    Month ago

    Charles barkley has left INSIDE THE NBA because of 'Cancel Culture' well im never watching this show again, thanks leftwing nut jobs

  • Mohammad Cali

    Mohammad Cali

    Month ago

    Something is wrong with Kenny. Why is he referencing the Bubble. LOL

  • undermarklvnv


    Month ago

    Chuck is right, the new generation players have the power. That’s why overall the playing is mediocre.

  • Tae Savage

    Tae Savage

    Month ago

    You know what’s fishy if he was diagnosed wit COVID days ago why didn’t they start the 10 days from the day they said he had it. Why does it have to depend on the series between the jazz and clippers. What kind of math and logic is that. It’s just strange 🤔his 10 days should have been started. And yet he was vaccinated so it should be less time right ?? Or does he even have it. The series has nothing to do with the protocols smh.

  • Keke*from* Shh-cago

    Keke*from* Shh-cago

    Month ago

    So let me get this right, our taxes paid for the lab that creates a virus and uses it as a bio weapon, Fauci lies it’s not asymmetric he knew that from the start, how many more double talks do ya need to see this bs

  • TY Harris

    TY Harris

    Month ago

    Why would he have Covid? Surely he got vaccinated a long time ago?

    • Tae Savage

      Tae Savage

      Month ago

      Bro he ain’t got COVID. None of this even makes sense

  • Master Lee House of Kungfu

    Master Lee House of Kungfu

    Month ago

    Remember Lebron James got away with Covid protocol?

  • Dayshawn Richards

    Dayshawn Richards

    Month ago

    LeBron James violated and still played but Chris Paul doesn't.

    • Jarekx2007


      Month ago

      Lebron James never tested positive.

  • tubenachos


    Month ago

    NBA got some hex on Paul. Let the man play it's total BS

  • Cooking Parker

    Cooking Parker

    Month ago

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  • Miranda R

    Miranda R

    Month ago

    Kenny leads to allow Sir Charles to finish his sentences without interrupting all of the time. He's rude.

  • Jake Fortier

    Jake Fortier

    Month ago

    No Chuck the old school way is still the way.. this new school way doesn't have it right or better... in my opinion. I'm 30... on the verge of almost knowing what my words mean. Lol

  • R D

    R D

    Month ago

    Sorry to hear that, wish CP3 fast recovery.
    If he don't comeback on time, Suns will see how it is when u lose starters like LA or Denver ...
    It's easy when u have full rooster...

  • Anthony Handy

    Anthony Handy

    Month ago

    Kenny suit fuego!

  • Dave Tarter

    Dave Tarter

    Month ago

    Why are they testing people who are vaccinated? That defeats the purpose of getting a vaccine

  • Layla Schezno

    Layla Schezno

    Month ago

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  • Rednaxela Hcitorf Aznebo

    Rednaxela Hcitorf Aznebo

    Month ago

    Barkley should not retire!! His ageless!!!

  • terrell ridges

    terrell ridges

    Month ago

    Did shaq got stan fired back in Miami and pat Riley can in and coach that heat team to the 🏆. Because shaq and wade and payton. , morning, Walker jason Williams did exactly the pelicans. Stan coach to hard and players could not take it. That case it's not a generation thing it's just a thing.

  • adrian colton

    adrian colton

    Month ago

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  • A_Dub_Prodigy


    Month ago

    LOL. All part of the Plandemic. Make Paul break out, look healthy and competing at the highest level, and then OH NO he has COVID!? So the few people who still believe it cling back on to the narrative.
    Asymptomatic illness is the biggest bs ya’ll ate in your life LOL

  • john doe

    john doe

    Month ago

    Rather than accepting an old coach can’t keep up with the modern game old guys blame the young. 😂😂

  • john doe

    john doe

    Month ago

    If you can coach you can coach. Don’t blame young’s guys mentality. It’s him not evolving with the modern game.

  • Mat Cole

    Mat Cole

    Month ago

    CP3 will be ready.
    Believe that.

  • Mass Collector

    Mass Collector

    Month ago

    Stan Van Gundy…. Come over to Milwaukee next year. We will have an opening in Milwaukee I am sure. 🙏🏻



    Month ago

    Chris paul positive for seasonal flu that gets lumped in with cv19, you would think people with money would have access to honest information especially when it comes to health

  • kamdaddypurp


    Month ago

    Such bs

  • Dagga DaGahd

    Dagga DaGahd

    Month ago

    CP3 has been vaccinated so what’s the excuse NBA and even if he hasn’t been !! Then why not test Lebron…????? Lebron still wears mask!!!! Please explain ??

  • J Day

    J Day

    Month ago

    Thy say handle like rhy soft no it means thy nit kids amd womt ne talked down upon

  • Aldon Dekock

    Aldon Dekock

    Month ago

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  • verbal truth gasmask4poop

    verbal truth gasmask4poop

    Month ago

    Wow listening to Kenny is becoming really annoying

  • Ronja Donna

    Ronja Donna

    Month ago

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  • Wylie Garcia

    Wylie Garcia

    Month ago

    PCR tests are wonderful but not for diagnostic purposes- who is going to say ‘ the emperor has no clothes’?

  • Kingston


    Month ago

    Frick, Scott brooks will become mavs coach.



    Month ago

    Not a Suns fan but I'm rooting for CP3

  • Genxtasy 99

    Genxtasy 99

    Month ago

    Great insight Kenny🙄

  • Stevers


    Month ago

    i swear sometimes chuck be arguing against no one, like kenny and ernie both acknowledged the series could start sunday.
    he cracks me up

  • Rudolph Veith

    Rudolph Veith

    Month ago

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  • uzu vert

    uzu vert

    Month ago

    Scott to dallas and rick to wiz book it

  • Truth is Censored

    Truth is Censored

    Month ago

    CP3 has been vaxx, why is the NBA playing theatre?

  • pucia mateu

    pucia mateu

    Month ago

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  • Matthew Cedillo

    Matthew Cedillo

    Month ago

    So he's vaccinated and yet he still gets covid. Tell me how thst makes sense

  • NaniiBoii


    Month ago

    Chris paul dont deserve this bro

  • Evuro Dog MSG-LLC

    Evuro Dog MSG-LLC

    Month ago

    When is this show getting cancel?

  • Jimmie Williams

    Jimmie Williams

    Month ago

    Didn't the NBA just let Lebron James NOT have go into Health & Safety Protocols?????

  • Kurt Talbot

    Kurt Talbot

    Month ago

    Person need a vet star like CP3..! That's da only way they're progressing

  • Brian Chu

    Brian Chu

    Month ago

    If he isn't vaccinated and caught COVID, he can't really blame anyone but himself. But based on CP3's history of bad luck, more likely he was masked and vaccinated and somehow STILL got COVID lol. Poor guy!

  • yvaw


    Month ago

    So Lebron james gets a pass but Chris Paul has to sit out ,nba is so biased it’s disgusting

  • dadimadh


    Month ago

    Prayers up for Chris Paul. 🙏May he completely recover and not spread COVID-19 to anyone else. I wonder if he was fully vaccinated.

  • dadimadh


    Month ago

    4:01 "I don't know if the new generation can handle that"
    **** them. Did Van Gundy hurt their feelings? Good.

  • DennisTheMenace


    Month ago

    New generation of coaches is taking over the league just like the players .. it isn’t as noticeable but it surely happening.

    • Nash Bruce

      Nash Bruce

      Month ago

      And it's a good thing

  • dadimadh


    Month ago

    Van Gundy out after *one* season? What expectations did *he* not meet after that short time? What about the *players* ? When do *they* get held accountable?

  • James Kim

    James Kim

    Month ago

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  • raffle entry

    raffle entry

    Month ago

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  • Roberson De

    Roberson De

    Month ago

    Well always when a team cant succeed they put all the blames on coach.

  • Elderly Undertaker

    Elderly Undertaker

    Month ago

    why are we still doing covid tests on pro athletes? pandemics over start acting like it.

  • Don Lee

    Don Lee

    Month ago

    why hasn't he taken the vaccine?

  • Redesign Your Life Now.

    Redesign Your Life Now.

    Month ago

    Wondering HOW Paul came about getting the COVID-19?
    I hope it was not from going to a ‘boy’s club’ or hanging out with many people not in his bubble?
    That would be very dumb thing to do, seeing that this could be his last major push for a ring on his finger.

  • Team Factts

    Team Factts

    Month ago

    Hang in there CP3 It seems like everytime he gets close to the chip something holds him back

  • Darrell Timms

    Darrell Timms

    Month ago

    I’m curious to see who Wizards hire for a coach.

  • Conch Boy Animations

    Conch Boy Animations

    Month ago

    Lol feel like this the most head coaching vacancies in a long time

  • Tezzy Tez

    Tezzy Tez

    Month ago

    Lol whats Kenny talking about

  • crazyvoice12


    Month ago

    Chris Paul is young(-1% chance of death or adverse effects), took the "amazing" vax but still catches covid-19 which technically could be any other corona virus cause the test is not safisticated enough to differentiate between the 7 (78-90% similar). Could possibly miss his last chance to get to a finals. Interesting 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Nash Bruce

      Nash Bruce

      Month ago


  • Sagar Putcha

    Sagar Putcha

    Month ago

    I feel so sorry for this guy, a realy outstanding player, he is terribly jinxed. This year I thought he would reach the finals and may be win the title too. I hope they clear him immediately

  • Jordan Youkhana

    Jordan Youkhana

    Month ago

    They should of made it to the playoffs

  • AL


    Month ago

    Wow Chris Paul is vaccinated and still read positive ?