The Mystic Crystal - NSP

Published on Jun 9, 2021
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Directed by: Sean Barrett
Written by: Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht \u0026 Jim Roach
Producer: Robin Spears
Executive Producer: Jamee Ranta
Director of Photography: Dillon Schneider
Production Designer: Traci Hays
Visual Effects: Sean Barrett
Editor: Kelly Lyon

Animation Team
Producer: Patrick Stannard
Director: India Swift
Colour Designer: Michael Doig
Character Designers:
Amanda Bell
India Swift
Story Artists
India Swift
Luke Weber
Federico Etchegaray
Layout Artists: Marc Hendry \u0026 Michael Doig
Background Artists:
Renee Violet
Michael Doig
Final Line Artists:
Hardik Manktala
Kevin Ryan
Gemma Roberts
India Swift
Hardik Manktala
Kevin Ryan
Gemma Roberts
Vir Prieto
India Swift
Patrick Stannard
Lead Final Line Artist :
Bryony Evans
Post Production Artist:
Michael Doig

Ninja Brian: Brian Wecht
Danny Sexbang: Dan Avidan
The Princess: Beatrice “The Ice Man” O’Neill
The King: Dave Brown
The Necromancer: Mark Fischbach
The Roommate: Seán McLoughlin
Wizard: Ross O/Donovan
Wizard: Jack Douglass
Wizard: Biniam Bizuneh
Knight #1: Lloyd Ahlquist
Knight #2: Eric Radic
Knight #3: Zubin Anklesaria
Knight #4: Robby Guerrero
Throne Room Guitarist: Jim Roach
Trumpeter: Maxi
Sterling Morris
Sydney Dowling
Holgie Forrester
Jack Bornoff
Russell Becker

Music Credits:
Written by: Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, and Jim Roach
Produced and Engineered by: Jim Roach
Assistant Engineering and Editing by: Jerik Centeno
Recorded at Sunset Sound and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles, CA
Mixed by: Thom Flowers
Mastered by: Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NYC

Ninja Sex Party
Dan Avidan: Vocals
Brian Wecht: Keys \u0026 Synths
Havve Hogan: Drums
Lord Phobos: Guitar
Doctor Sung: Synths \u0026 Keys
Commander Meouch: Bass

Jim Roach: Additional guitars

Full Lyrics can be found at:

Ninja Sex Party
  • EvilKittie


    46 minutes ago

    This was an amazing video. So much work got put into this and it paid off phenomenally! Nice job~!

  • Nicholas Guidi

    Nicholas Guidi

    54 minutes ago

    This is so good!

  • Reaper of Souls

    Reaper of Souls

    56 minutes ago

    did he just... Naruto run??

    • Poisonedblade


      9 minutes ago

      Yeah, it's how we run.

  • Royal Goblin

    Royal Goblin

    Hour ago

    Omg somebody needs to make Dan and Brian's quest an RPG game

  • Chris Dennis

    Chris Dennis

    Hour ago

    I'm really digging the new direction NSP has been going. Keep up the amazing work!!!!
    EDIT: NSP movie/tv show when?

  • Sir Suppa

    Sir Suppa

    Hour ago

    Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Boy in a band, Jacks Films, Rubber Ross, holy shit!

  • Starlight Lime

    Starlight Lime

    2 hours ago

    This is an epic, epic.

  • GardoTheFury


    2 hours ago

    What a MAsterpiece

  • Alexa Castellano

    Alexa Castellano

    2 hours ago


  • Jacob Michie

    Jacob Michie

    2 hours ago

    This feels like an alternate universe version of bill and ted that still went on adventures, but then finally learned how to compose music and rebranded themselves.

  • InsaneSeishiro


    2 hours ago

    dayum, thats some gorgeous animation

  • Endless Void

    Endless Void

    2 hours ago

    the most ambitious crossover in YouTube history

  • Reid LeBlanc

    Reid LeBlanc

    2 hours ago

    nothing could have prepared me for necromancer mark

  • Dr. Drew

    Dr. Drew

    2 hours ago

    "There stood the king all gross and old"
    I was already having a good time but I lost my shit at this line so funny lmao

  • ジェリー


    2 hours ago

    Finally I been waiting years for someone to stab the yiay dude thanks Brian.

  • Kendall Romere

    Kendall Romere

    2 hours ago

    This is amazing. The music, the animation, and cinematography all of it. You all killed it!

  • CuppyCosplay


    3 hours ago

    This animation is absolutely phenomenal! I have been greatly anticipating this music video! I was happy to purchase a pin to help support this. Totally worth it! I have watched this I don't know how many times already. It's a blast!!! Rock on! Well done!!!

  • Hannah Messenger

    Hannah Messenger

    3 hours ago

    Dude this is so good!! I love the animation style

  • umpanda


    3 hours ago

    i feel like i would be the guy at the start not giving a fuck after a portal to another dimension opens up behind me

  • D.J. Raver

    D.J. Raver

    3 hours ago

    Matt mercer?

    • Poisonedblade


      7 minutes ago

      Nah, just looks like him. If Matt Mercer was in this, it would have 2 million views already.

  • Seanelly


    3 hours ago

    WOW. Literally made me tear up. So happy for you guys.

  • Aidan Zamm Zamm

    Aidan Zamm Zamm

    3 hours ago

    This fits in the storyline of Cool Patrol. After the kid got beat up, they moved in together and did drugs and this is how the Mystic Crystal was born

  • ToxicBuffalo


    3 hours ago

    The Necromancer's door mat should have said "Welcome! You must diie..."

  • Shura Davahan

    Shura Davahan

    3 hours ago

    Rock Fuck

  • Undead Corsair

    Undead Corsair

    4 hours ago

    WOOOOOOOOO! * Claps at my laptop *

  • Matthew Santucci

    Matthew Santucci

    4 hours ago

    Oh.... It is him

  • Sye Cole

    Sye Cole

    4 hours ago

    This is a phenomenal composition on every point; Lyricism, cinematography, sound quality, art design.. All of it.
    Simply fucking amazing, guys.

  • Miata Schenaker

    Miata Schenaker

    4 hours ago

    Great job guys! This looks awesome! 👏👏👏

  • Matthew Santucci

    Matthew Santucci

    4 hours ago

    Why does that look so much like Markiplier

  • GreedyK


    4 hours ago

    a 12 minute music video with animation... this must have been so much work

  • uberstoof


    4 hours ago

    Amazing video. Professional quality!

  • Someone You Don't Know

    Someone You Don't Know

    4 hours ago

    I am remiss that my wifi went out a day before this masterpiece came out and I had to wait until now to see it

  • Delaney Jordan

    Delaney Jordan

    5 hours ago

    5:06 is pure dragon’s lair death animation goodness and i’m here for danny living his dirk the daring dreams

  • Amanda Harvey

    Amanda Harvey

    5 hours ago

    Absolutely nailed it on the head, this made my week 💖 would smash both the heroes and the villain in this one 💕❤

  • Danford


    5 hours ago

    Can't believe I'm late to watching this, maaaaaan

  • larnights


    6 hours ago

    Jacks just like welp fu** it * eats more* lol

  • Krag Featherston

    Krag Featherston

    6 hours ago


  • Gellax


    6 hours ago

    NSP doing Gloryhammer shit? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP!!!

  • Caleigh G.

    Caleigh G.

    7 hours ago

    In awe of the animation! This music video had Markiplier, Jacksfilms, and EpicLloyd to name a few! I'm speechless and in love with every second of it!

  • EGG Weirdo

    EGG Weirdo

    7 hours ago

    I wonder if you guys would do another animated video like this- maybe with Nate in it-
    But y'all should make an animated series from this, like hopping through dimensions to help others :D

  • Cryptic


    7 hours ago

    Press 4 to light the righteous way

  • Nick Just

    Nick Just

    7 hours ago

    So awesome ^.^ !!!

  • 8BitPowertrip


    8 hours ago

    I need this as a whole show or movie or something. This animation is awesome!

  • ProfessorEGadd


    8 hours ago

    I'm going to tell my kids this was Sonic and the Black Knight

  • Alaina


    8 hours ago

    I think it would have been so much more funny to have brian kill Ross a;lsdkf;alsd Idk why, that just seems like it would be funny as fuck

  • Alice


    8 hours ago

    El Dorado animation vibes!!!

  • Alice


    8 hours ago

    LOVE this!! Love everyone, ADOOOOORE the animation!!!! Hell yeah big fan

  • Leek Whibble

    Leek Whibble

    8 hours ago

    Cameos hither and thither! Huzzah!

  • Prophet Gaming

    Prophet Gaming

    8 hours ago

    If this ain’t in YouTube rewind, I’ve lost faith in YouTube

  • Anas Barakaat

    Anas Barakaat

    9 hours ago

    I held on to this to watch at the perfect moment, but apparently just watching made it the perfect moment!
    You guys have done an excellent job not just with the video, but the entire song itself, super proud to be a part of this community! I lost it when Bryan stabbed jacksfilms.

  • Lucille Middour

    Lucille Middour

    9 hours ago

    I feel like NSP would be really fun to play DnD with based upon the hilarious yet masterful storytelling in their songs. I'd love to see them play a game with Brennan Lee Mulligan (like dimension 20) because I feel like they'd build off of each other's ideas and the ensuing chaos would be extremely amusing to watch unfold.

  • Emily Veronica

    Emily Veronica

    9 hours ago

    MY HEART! 😍😭😍

  • WildFox


    10 hours ago

    This is a genuinely beautiful video.

  • Jeff Hathaway

    Jeff Hathaway

    10 hours ago

    This is exactly what I needed to see right now.
    Next level shit.

  • Angel_0f_Heaven 03

    Angel_0f_Heaven 03

    10 hours ago


  • Tia!🌸


    10 hours ago


  • Dirk Diggler

    Dirk Diggler

    10 hours ago

    LOL ultrawide nice

  • Teraunce Foaloke

    Teraunce Foaloke

    11 hours ago

    Well this is beautiful. Great job.

  • Dakota Bradley

    Dakota Bradley

    11 hours ago

    This is true Art right here... Thank you Danny and Brian

  • June Pon

    June Pon

    11 hours ago

    6:53 hello everybody my name is markiplier

  • con man

    con man

    11 hours ago

    Wait, did this actually happen?

  • Time 30

    Time 30

    11 hours ago


  • Taylor Bloodworth

    Taylor Bloodworth

    11 hours ago

    Hands down amazing! You guys rock!



    11 hours ago

    Animated Danny has Disney Princess hair

  • Lenore


    11 hours ago

    This is kinda like a YouTube Rewind, if it was less cringe, only people I know about and had a plot and good music.. And also it's good..

  • clown things

    clown things

    11 hours ago

    Can we talk about how pretty Dan looks in animated??

  • Firock Finion

    Firock Finion

    12 hours ago

    Given Sean's nonchalant reaction both to them suddenly being sucked into a portal, and then later returning with magic fantasy gear, this is clearly not the first time something like this has happened. XD

    • SweetPea 264

      SweetPea 264

      45 minutes ago

      I mean, when your roommates with Ninja Brian & Danny Sexbang this kind of stuff is bound to happen on a daily basis

  • Fries are good

    Fries are good

    12 hours ago

    Definitely worth the wait!

  • Scooby Doob

    Scooby Doob

    12 hours ago

    This must have been a trip for Danny. It's like the biggest love letter to the Last Unicorn he could've produced and it turned out besutiful

  • Kelli Atchley

    Kelli Atchley

    12 hours ago

    Just gotta say this is highly enjoyable

  • DØCTØR # 5617

    DØCTØR # 5617

    12 hours ago

    I would watch the hell out of this if it was an animated movie or show.

    Also reminded me of an old 80-90's animated film with that dudes hair

  • bilishu aliss

    bilishu aliss

    13 hours ago

    When the d&d campaign only has a bard and an archer and somehow they dont immediately die

  • Meideiocre


    13 hours ago

    Jackspedicey: "Oh. I guess it's Tuesday."

  • Tyler Brown

    Tyler Brown

    13 hours ago

    Worth the wait, and then some.

  • Cowsablanca


    13 hours ago

    Holy fuck...damn...shit...fuckin...fuckin A

  • Jake McGovern

    Jake McGovern

    13 hours ago

    Proof once more that Dan is a bard through and through.

    • bilishu aliss

      bilishu aliss

      13 hours ago

      Dan has an amazing voice (:

  • TheSedentaryGamer


    13 hours ago

    Yooooooo I clicked this video out of curiosity and this schit got me PUMPT! Literally said "What the fuck, is that Markiplier!?" in the first couple minutes lmao! AMAZING video! Everyone did great!

  • Genni Glassglow

    Genni Glassglow

    13 hours ago

    ❄🎄🔯🎁✨👼🎑😌❄🎁✨👼🎄 *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.*
    *He also promised to heal your body.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He'll give you eternal life*
    *(look up and ask HIM)*

  • galaxy grumps

    galaxy grumps

    13 hours ago

    500k + views as it should

  • the watermelon dog

    the watermelon dog

    13 hours ago

    AKA. a dude in a ninja costume and a dude in a spandex suit get the biggest YouTubers together for a drug trip

  • Cerbyboy


    13 hours ago

    did they just get Isekai'd?

  • RadicalTundra


    14 hours ago

    My favorite part is when Danny thew the pizza at the mermaid

  • intrepidhero


    14 hours ago

    Maybe don't put your all powerful magic crystal in the middle of town square.

  • Mooneymanjason


    14 hours ago

    NSP official Isekai

  • reaper88988


    14 hours ago

    this was mind blowing, the masterpiece of its time!

  • Griffin Tyndorf

    Griffin Tyndorf

    14 hours ago

    Dan Avidan, looks like Weird Al and is in my opinion better than him.

  • Banana Slamma1

    Banana Slamma1

    15 hours ago

    the last verse before they leave in the portal always give me goosebumps and a little teary

  • Chuis Touseul

    Chuis Touseul

    15 hours ago

    That was so good.

  • Kuylar Hudgins

    Kuylar Hudgins

    15 hours ago

    Dan has an amazing voice (:

  • Michael Winterhoff

    Michael Winterhoff

    15 hours ago

    I don't even know what to say other than I love NSP so damn much

  • waterishace21


    15 hours ago

    I've never seen a band where the backup singer doesn't talk lol

  • Nick M

    Nick M

    16 hours ago

    Amazing!!! I loved it.

  • Vivian-Alexandra Rivers

    Vivian-Alexandra Rivers

    16 hours ago

    0:18 ... That's the fucking Ionia symbol.

  • Demonologist


    16 hours ago

    I hate this aspect ratio

  • Aunt Jim

    Aunt Jim

    16 hours ago

    Nice JO crystals

  • Chen Holmes

    Chen Holmes

    16 hours ago

    I've never heard 'love' so well

  • Efrid


    16 hours ago

    where was arin?