The new 911 GT3 is the most important Porsche of all | Revelations with Jason Cammisa | Ep. 03

Published on Feb 18, 2021
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Porsche has just announced the 992 GT3, and it's the most extreme GT-car yet, with a wholly reengineered double-wishbone front suspension replacing the regular 992's struts.

This is the 7th-generation of GT3, and the massive engineering signals a sea change for Porsche: the GT3 is now, unquestionably, the most important car in the 911 lineup.

Porsche's GT-Car Division, run by the talented and charismatic Andreas Preuninger, exists within Porsche's Motorsport Department - and has made the most desirable 911s of the last 20 years.

It's time to look back at the 996, 997, 991.1 and 991.2 variants to understand the progression of the GT cars in Porsche's lineup.

At the Porsche Experience Center's Los Angeles track, Jason drives the 996 GT3 RS, 997 GT3 RS 4.0, 997 GT2 RS, 991.1 911 R, and 991.2 GT2 RS - while recording high-quality sound - so you can see and hear just how far the GT cars have come.

Think of this as Andy Preuninger's Greatest Hits, Volume 1.

00:00 The 992 GT3 - Intro
01:24 One Man's vision: Andreas Preuninger
02:05 Porsche's GT-Car Division
02:23 992 GT3's Front Suspension
03:08 996 GT3 History
04:12 996 GT3 RS History
05:30 997 GT3 RS 4.0 History
06:46 R35 Nissan GT-R breaks Nürburgring Nordschleife record
07:00 997 GT2 RS - Project 727
07:52 991 GT3
09:04 The Fight Over The Manual Transmission
10:18 Two types of GT Customers
10:46 The 991.1 911R
12:19 The 991.2 GT2 RS
13:58 996 GT3 RS Acceleration 0-100
14:17 997 GT3 RS 4.0 Acceleration 0-100
14:35 997 GT2 RS Acceleration 0-100
14:56 991 911R Acceleration 0-100
15:16 991 GT2 RS Acceleration 0-100
15:38 996 GT3 RS Hot Lap In-Car
17:03 997 GT3 RS 4.0 Hot Lap In-Car
18:26 997 GT2 RS Hot Lap In-Car
19:47 991 911R Hot Lap In-Car
21:08 997 GT2 RS Hot Lap In-Car


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  • Angel Quinteros Baeza

    Angel Quinteros Baeza

    2 hours ago

    Very, very interesting, is sad the days of sports cars is on rear count

  • Kalasmourn Rex

    Kalasmourn Rex

    3 days ago

    I love real manuals, but I'd still get the gt3 with the PDK. I like track driving. My motorcycle has a quick shifter and I thought I'd never use it. That changed really quickly.

  • marcj ct

    marcj ct

    3 days ago

    Fantastic video. Opinionated is great when the opinions are on the bullseye.
    The only thing missing is Jason telling us which is his favourite.

  • OhShitWhatWasThatNoise


    3 days ago

    This video is fantastic!

  • 9000Redline


    3 days ago

    Loved this video! Great overview of the history and then the bonus package of acceleration and onboard videos. Thanks for the content!

  • Dreamy_


    4 days ago

    2:23 Well done video Jason. at first, i resisted clicking this video because i don't really care about super cars that cost $150k, i will never afford a super car that cost $150k no matter how much I like Porsches. But this video has a lot of strong insights into car manufacturing in a capitalist world that only exists to make money and exploit resources that can even be applied to $35k cars like the Honda Civic Type R.

  • stoneeh


    4 days ago

    Holy moly. This piece was a thing of BEAUTY. Spot on about just about everything, and more. Thank you Jason!

  • clu4u


    5 days ago

    “Yankin’ on my paddle shifter ain’t gonna lock my torque converter, ya know what I mean?” Jason is a riot.

  • spoonman73


    5 days ago

    Bravo for the epic rant about manuals...

  • Time Atak

    Time Atak

    7 days ago

    The GT3 is the most hyped and media blitzed model. Meanwhile a Turbo S is just as quick on track (with the same tire), has rear “seats,” can be driven harder in poor weather, and won’t embarrass you in a street light to street light drag race with a high HP American V8. And you don’t look like a boy racer at age 50+ driving a Turbo S like you do in a GT3. And yep, I own a GT4 and I’m over 50!

    • kake52


      4 days ago

      turbo s isn't as fast around a track and doesn't sound as good

  • Fii282


    8 days ago

    Still rather the 911 turbo . Little faster plus all wheel drive 👍

    • kake52


      4 days ago

      not faster in corners

  • Yavor Kasterliev

    Yavor Kasterliev

    8 days ago

    Great content as always. You are such an Adam Sandler.

  • Hiro


    10 days ago

    I agree, the GT3 is the purest modern Porsche there is

  • Marcelino Hernandez

    Marcelino Hernandez

    10 days ago

    Can we all agree this channel is so underrated? Great content and storytelling

  • John Kokocinski

    John Kokocinski

    12 days ago

    That's GT2RS in green makes me things I've never felt before.

  • Ashley Cook

    Ashley Cook

    12 days ago

    The clever multi-hop oddly concentrate because chick principally trip astride a faithful t-shirt. boiling, boundless underwear

  • GraveUypo


    12 days ago

    the 911 i really want is literally any of them.

  • John Maurer

    John Maurer

    13 days ago

    This guys shows are fascinating and beautifully put together.

  • E Z

    E Z

    16 days ago

    I'm not a fan of jewish humour

  • CAYMAN987


    16 days ago

    Last jason video just made me angry.. this was well done. Now I want a 911 R that I cant afford. Great

  • John Völker

    John Völker

    17 days ago

    Ur german pronounciation is insanely good im german and i felt like you were too when u were pronouncing rennsport and andreas name

  • Lavkesh Arora

    Lavkesh Arora

    19 days ago

    Where was Jason all this while. I thought TopGear was the epitome. No not at all!

  • Ricky M.

    Ricky M.

    19 days ago

    I'm only subscribing cause of Jason.

  • adrian niemiec

    adrian niemiec

    22 days ago

    4 wheel steering , 63 HP more , 500 pounds less weight. Do the same to the GTR ,
    and The Germans will again , have to go back to the drawing boards. For the next 4 years.

  • Paul Zuk

    Paul Zuk

    22 days ago

    This was so good I watched it twice.

  • Chris O'Grady

    Chris O'Grady

    23 days ago

    997 GT3 RS 4.0 Manual, best 911 of all time
    I have a friend that used to have a "GTR" 997, it was an auto, with the 4.0 GT3 engine, and back seats. Ever heard of that oddity before?

  • Pete Anthan

    Pete Anthan

    24 days ago

    My 997.2 GT3RS was my favorite of all the GT3s. I loved the Metzger, I loved driving it on track. It wasn’t as fast as the later GT3RS’s I’ve had, but it was the most fun. I miss it.

  • Jedidiah Steele

    Jedidiah Steele

    25 days ago

    This video was outstanding!

  • lon to

    lon to

    28 days ago

    The brawny cyclone acceptably point because volleyball commercially trace afore a xenophobic legal. wacky, belligerent ukraine

  • Minecrafter 02

    Minecrafter 02

    28 days ago

    Your German pronunciation is on point!

  • Mark Caldwell

    Mark Caldwell

    29 days ago

    That 911R sounds so damn good!

  • D Wnright

    D Wnright

    Month ago

    the GT cars are still luxury machines. Porsche need to get back to basics. great cars, but still immensely comprised.

  • 1980’VINZ


    Month ago


  • Robert Perez

    Robert Perez

    Month ago

    Jason Cammisa is simply one of the best automotive presenters and journalists, ever. Smart f—ker! Poignant! Completely entertaining. Irreverent when he needs to be. Genuine. And knows his s—t! He ranks amongst the best, i.e. Top Gear trio, Harris Monkey (love that guy), Henry Catchpole, Steve Sutcliff, and others. It’s a short list of the best. (Forgive my spelling if I’m off a letter or two). Seriously, not hyperbole. Jason you’re a Rock Star! Bravo to Hagerty for picking him up.

  • mark


    Month ago

    lol, you actually made me like the video!

  • Joseph


    Month ago

    In the garment business they make much much more money than any designer labels!!!😂😂😂

  • UDD08132790


    Month ago

    Is there a chart to understand the difference between the various 911 models?

  • Daniel


    Month ago

    That's why the gt4 is my dream bike ;)

    • Daniel


      Month ago

      bike lol, car* mailny because it's nice, somewhat small, not the max amount of power one can get in a porsche and has a spoiler. Probably even drives amazing, just can't quote that since I haven't driven one

  • Daniel


    Month ago

    His "Rennsport" is better pronounced than I could do :(

  • Werner Danler

    Werner Danler

    Month ago

    I'm an old man and if I had a lot of money, more than brains, I'd buy a Porsche. But I wouldn't get one of those ugly spoilers nor an obnoxiously loud exhaust. I'd make sure it had lots of soundproofing and the PDK gearbox. I don't think my old knees could deal with the stick despite the fact that I used to love them.

  • Dave Petrillo

    Dave Petrillo

    Month ago

    Your sexual orientation analogy would have been better the other way around since you're preference is for yanking a shift knob.

  • Rob Nelson

    Rob Nelson

    Month ago

    Jason is in sync with my preferences in several ways. Some of us like to row our own gears. Driving my 3rd Porsche now, I have never owned an auto-shift design. The 992 sans wings with 7-spd manual rings my bells.

  • David Morales

    David Morales

    Month ago


  • White Mouse

    White Mouse

    Month ago

    Dear Santa....

  • Andrew Harris

    Andrew Harris

    Month ago

    He's so good at what he does.

  • asdf072xxp


    Month ago

    Are we just going to avoid the obvious? That one orientation is more likely to enjoy grabbing onto a big stick, vs flicking those yucky labial flaps.

  • Tom Praisan

    Tom Praisan

    Month ago

    I rather yank on the stick than yank on a stick ;)

  • CLYF23


    Month ago

    Whenever I am sad, I’ll come here to listen to the Porsche 911R’s acceleration sound. It makes me smile, every time.

  • Jason Kelley

    Jason Kelley

    Month ago

    Wonderful stuff. Just demystified the lineup for me. Thanks. Love the driving footage. Money. My hairs are all standing up on end listening to those engines. Wow.

  • Tyvek Homewrap

    Tyvek Homewrap

    Month ago

    That RS 4.0 boutta make me act UP

  • Life & Flight Unlimited Blu-Deus Chronicles

    Life & Flight Unlimited Blu-Deus Chronicles

    Month ago

    Understand the point but saying the GT cars are “what we all want “. might be an over generalization? The GT cars are a completely different purpose and use case than the Carrera and turbo \ turbo S line, but based on the timeless same design concept. ‘Never forget where you came from!’ The key to the whole argument is “homologation” - these cars wouldn’t even be available to the wealthy or racing motivated public if not for racing sanction requirements. GT line are Track cars built to be street legal by rule and if you dare to drive them for any prolonged period of time without loosing a tooth filling and your hearing. Versus road touring sports cars that are versatile enough to go fast and be nimble on the track against all challengers, while going on a 500 mile touring trip across five states or across the Autobahn to visit old friends.

  • marcducati


    Month ago

    Sorry but the 997 started with normal 5 bolt wheels and a 3.6 engine. The RS and the normal being released at the same time, Th RS got the wider Carrera 4s body and fully adjustable drive trains. You're talking about the gen 2 997. A detail but interesting to know.

  • Michael Schneider

    Michael Schneider

    Month ago

    +1. Time will tell as to when the Carrera models adopt the 992 GT3s front wishbone suspension set up. Tic, toc...

  • George Brown

    George Brown

    Month ago

    The 911 R is absolutely the one I would get. It sounds and looks the best imo. Also, it's unfortunate that every turbocharger is so muted now. If I can't hear the turbo, I'd rather not have one.

  • Yo-No


    Month ago

    Damn I didn't know Adam Sandler was a car guy O_o

  • Anuraag Tiwari

    Anuraag Tiwari

    Month ago

    Great videos, wonderful work by Jason Cammisa. Just a note, in case someone from Hagerty reads this - the bits at the end are dull without commentary, there's just so much on YouTube that's like that, it's unclear to me why Hagerty thinks that the little driving sections without speech are worthwhile.
    You simply can't capture a driving experience with laptop speakers and little screens anyway, so it's just not a good way to end a video! My two cents. And the audio is typically not that great either, so that also detracts from the intended effect I feel.

  • seravenerdi


    Month ago

    Majority of Porches that generate consistent revenue & best ROI are not these GT's but regular 911's. The large tales look hideous, and the lack of suspension will induce premature lumbar vertebrae fusion.

  • Generic Excuse

    Generic Excuse

    Month ago

    The GT3 may not have been the best one, but it looks so good. Among all of the good looking Porsches

    • kake52


      4 days ago

      then what is the best?

  • Tommy Angelo

    Tommy Angelo

    Month ago

    Porsche model names getting more and more like software patch. We're really at the dawn of the age of downloading a car.

  • Catalin Vasile

    Catalin Vasile

    Month ago

    It's not about the feels. I don't understand how the headlights don't bother anybody on the latest GT3. They look utterly nasty.

  • steve barcia

    steve barcia

    Month ago

    I need more of these!! I’ve seen them all already. So well made

  • Reebs


    Month ago

    Why does the editor leave so much time after he stops talking to cut to the next image lol

  • Juan X Naranjo

    Juan X Naranjo

    Month ago

    Any info on the lights at 9:09?

  • douglxs


    Month ago

    "a thing with a wing"

  • Kyle Nash

    Kyle Nash

    Month ago

    I like how this one just divulges into hot laps. Half way through the laps, I realized Jason was done with the history lesson. I'm not even mad though.

  • 911 Aircooled

    911 Aircooled

    Month ago

    Well done, probably the best summary of the Porsche GT history that have ever heard. Thx

  • Wildman6767


    2 months ago

    My fav fast lap to watch was in the 911R

  • Macht


    2 months ago

    2010 GTR was 80-83k.. less than half of the cost of the GT2 RS lol. Nissan wa mada kachimasu ✌️

  • Jiovanny Preciado

    Jiovanny Preciado

    2 months ago

    Sexual orientation. I never thought of it like that. Well said Jason!

  • Zexia Li

    Zexia Li

    2 months ago

    991! Randy, Road Atlanta!!

  • ///Got To Accelerate

    ///Got To Accelerate

    2 months ago

    My question white Porsche is this at the front of the hot laps....?
    Not even the 991.2 gt2rs can't keep up with it...

  • ///Got To Accelerate

    ///Got To Accelerate

    2 months ago

    More videos like this pls

  • Steve Bennett

    Steve Bennett

    2 months ago

    Again.. excellent!! Thank You!!👍😎👍

  • Bryan Williams

    Bryan Williams

    2 months ago

    Keep it up Hagerty. Nice to see Cammisa back in action.

  • j smith

    j smith

    2 months ago

    Great video, but take it easy on the old men comment. I am 62 and plan on ordering a GT3 with manual transmission. Old is a mindset!

    • Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

      Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin

      Month ago

      I would still take the manual over PDK all the way as well.

  • kusinerong kalbo

    kusinerong kalbo

    2 months ago

    Jason camisa, Chris Harris, Matt Leblanc... New top gear.

  • Nowell Ona

    Nowell Ona

    2 months ago

    Money...??? NO KIDDING?!?!?! Duh!!!!

  • Jeramie Bradford

    Jeramie Bradford

    2 months ago

    I always get the feeling this series is missing one and a half men.

  • BigRed DaMan

    BigRed DaMan

    2 months ago

    The gt2 rs though, but yes i guess you're right the gt2 is only available because of the gt3

  • Alex Moldovan

    Alex Moldovan

    2 months ago

    I LOVE PORSCHE FROM..... FOREVER ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Juan Lopez

    Juan Lopez

    2 months ago

    We need nor shirts (ca-misa)

  • Akris Lin

    Akris Lin

    2 months ago

    The heady character hooghly scrub because marble inexplicably laugh on a violet revolver. scary, happy barbara

  • Ganapathy Pai V

    Ganapathy Pai V

    2 months ago

    we need Jason to do a review for singer 911

  • Syaufi Shaharuddin

    Syaufi Shaharuddin

    2 months ago

    the quality of this video deserves its own tv show

  • Fedor Samokhin

    Fedor Samokhin

    2 months ago

    Jason is great! More of this please!

  • Bebo Rodner

    Bebo Rodner

    2 months ago

    I'll take the 911 R please.. :)
    my favorite concept of what a 911 is and should be.
    Thanks Ryan Reynolds for another amazing and entertaining school lesson.
    Every video you do is gold.. I miss those MT head to head episodes, So happy your back on the scene!!!!!



    2 months ago

    I've already seen this. It came on because of auto-play.... I think I'll watch it again :D

  • Andrew Kolansky

    Andrew Kolansky

    2 months ago

    This video was a home run!

  • Sam L

    Sam L

    2 months ago

    Except these days GTS are mainstream for Porsche. GT cars account for like 40% of all 911 sale. I expect the new GT4 to have the same effect with the Cayman and Boxster. GT cars are a huge part of Porsche’s $ making strategy now

  • Miroslav Milan

    Miroslav Milan

    2 months ago

    Good lord, the sound of that GT3 RS 4.0!

  • JMC Cars N More

    JMC Cars N More

    2 months ago

    As much as I like Porsches (who didn’t had a Porsche poster on their walls as a kid??), I still think Nissan has the edge with their GTR as far as lap time. The GTR is a original production car. What I mean, is not a homologation car like the GT2. If Nissan decided at some point to bore/stroke the GTR engine to 4.0, some more boost, and somehow someway making it 600lbs lighter, they will destroy the GT2 RS time, no doubt.

  • Bill


    2 months ago

    Jason is far and away the superior automotive journalist . Period!!

  • wuandy1


    2 months ago

    i dont mind a 911 that doesn't say gt in the back

  • ricky v

    ricky v

    2 months ago

    Amazing video about the history of the GT cars. I am more in love with these cars now. (:

  • Chad 395

    Chad 395

    2 months ago

    The green one at 1:10 is absolutely gorgeous. So glad Jason is back delivering damn good content.

  • Altijd Anders

    Altijd Anders

    2 months ago

    Better than television... Love it...!!!

  • Alka tiwari

    Alka tiwari

    3 months ago

    fun fact: the porsche 997 gt3 rs 4.0 has the same engine block as the 1998 24h of le mans porsche 911 gt1

  • P P

    P P

    3 months ago

    My dream car 😍

  • jaytmtb


    3 months ago

    I knew this was happening, Porsche is now my favorite cars, sorry 458

  • rrocktoo


    3 months ago

    Came here straight after the BMW M3 video and wasn’t disappointed. Going hunting for more Sunday morning top notch entertainment.