Things that just make sense on the Chevy Corvette Stingray

Published on Jun 9, 2021
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Things that just make sense on the

  • Steve


    6 hours ago

    When you can't afford a Lamborghini you buy this.

  • BubblySnowflake


    4 days ago

    Bad thing about them: they're sensitive to crashes and expensive to mend.

    • BubblySnowflake


      11 hours ago

      @Mxse 15 true

    • Mxse 15

      Mxse 15

      11 hours ago

      Shouldn’t matter if u know how to drive

  • Kevin M

    Kevin M

    4 days ago

    Funny how they tell people not to text and rive, yet they add more and more gadgets to cars all the time as well as a screen.

  • popotato


    4 days ago

    to bad u can’t use the back trunk when u take out the top part of the car :/

  • Vicki Ensell

    Vicki Ensell

    4 days ago

    How much is this car because I would really like one :)

  • Lann Gunn

    Lann Gunn

    4 days ago

    These videos are very informative. Could you start adding the, general, price for these cars? Thanks

  • Kamarr Johnson

    Kamarr Johnson

    5 days ago

    this dude was hype over the extra trunk instead of the extra horsepower it can push with the engine in the middle

  • Sadaat Furqan

    Sadaat Furqan

    6 days ago

    Is it electric

  • Candy Cane

    Candy Cane

    6 days ago

    Alternate title: Flexing my car to teenagers on the internet

  • Lord Satan

    Lord Satan

    6 days ago

    Well,he sure wasn't lying with the 'makes sense' thing. *engine in the midle means space in the front* even a toddler gets that

  • Prime Gaming

    Prime Gaming

    6 days ago

    How much is this car so I can buy it in the future?

  • Zuleiman Villalobos

    Zuleiman Villalobos

    6 days ago

    Carro hunday, imita carros como ferrari?🤣🤣🤣



    6 days ago

    I'm not used to upper class and this made me want to stay away from it

  • Michael Andretty

    Michael Andretty

    7 days ago

    He just showed the car license plate-

  • Dog from Saskatchewan

    Dog from Saskatchewan

    7 days ago

    If you don't instantly shit your pants and puke when calling these abominations stingrays, then you're fucked

  • Shadow Typhoon

    Shadow Typhoon

    7 days ago

    Damn that’s a se y car

  • William


    8 days ago

    Bruh this trend is a new way to show off cars

  • Phineas Palmer

    Phineas Palmer

    8 days ago

    we can all see your license plate

  • What’s Elmo doing?

    What’s Elmo doing?

    8 days ago

    Alternate title: guy flexing his car for 60 seconds.

  • Dey do do Don't de doh.

    Dey do do Don't de doh.

    8 days ago

    look like corvette as styled by Lamborghini studio. still nice tho' 👍

  • Zach Yendell

    Zach Yendell

    8 days ago

    So cool

  • GreyFox250


    8 days ago

    Nothing Chevy does makes sense

  • Anas Lasri

    Anas Lasri

    9 days ago

    In the words of a great man " this car makes you 75% more attractive to your sister "

  • North Florida Drone Photography

    North Florida Drone Photography

    9 days ago

    It looks like a rip off Ferrari. Kinda like the ripoff Bentley thats actually a Chrysler

  • Guiseppe Falzarano

    Guiseppe Falzarano

    9 days ago

    "lap times" lmao

  • Reiki Rants

    Reiki Rants

    9 days ago

    Imagine. being such a shit driver to need those cameras and lift

  • Charles Wheeler

    Charles Wheeler

    9 days ago

    You showed your license

  • General Grievous

    General Grievous

    9 days ago

    I feel this video better than the tesla ones because he doesn't say MY Corvette...

  • Banana Drip

    Banana Drip

    9 days ago

    A Trunk in the front and back, now I can look cool on the streets while transporting children from my friend's basement to mine

  • Meshari Alrashed

    Meshari Alrashed

    10 days ago

    Is it manual?

  • Front_Runner


    10 days ago

    Answer: Gadgets that will break on the Corvette and be expensive as hell to fix
    I'm allowed to disparage Corvettes because I own one and know all the annoying little bull crap things that break on them.

  • Joleen Roberts

    Joleen Roberts

    10 days ago

    Wow to trunks that u can barely use when you faster better quality an store more this an people in a hellcat

  • Edgar Saucedo

    Edgar Saucedo

    11 days ago

    Damn thats awesome

  • IntensiTwice


    11 days ago

    Dumb question: does that have a drift meter leaderboards?

  • xXAlmakXx


    11 days ago

    Adding things European cars have had since 40 years ago. Congratulations Chevrolet, you did a thing,

  • Meatwad


    11 days ago

    Only good car Chevy builds anymore

  • THE O R I G I N A L

    THE O R I G I N A L

    11 days ago

    Can this turn in bumblebee ?

  • Claudia Bernal Herrera

    Claudia Bernal Herrera

    11 days ago

    Chery o jac????

  • khogen Naorem

    khogen Naorem

    11 days ago

    The real question is :
    Does the price make sense?

  • N L

    N L

    11 days ago

    Shame Chevy has such low standards of build that it will fall apart in a few years.

  • Ioniq Mike

    Ioniq Mike

    12 days ago

    Rather ride a bike than drive any Chevy

  • alan connelly

    alan connelly

    12 days ago

    Rare instance of great American automotive design, value, and good engineering. Something the UAW has destroyed within the US..



    12 days ago

    Those it make it better then Tesla?

  • Reagan Riddle Outdoors

    Reagan Riddle Outdoors

    12 days ago

    For 60k I’d hope it makes sense

  • Ciaran OBrien

    Ciaran OBrien

    12 days ago

    Nice now I know somthing about a car that I'll never get

  • 2xbarret


    12 days ago

    Ah, it's good to watch things that I won't be able to afford

  • Highwolf Games

    Highwolf Games

    12 days ago

    Robber boss: Alright take notes everyone!



    12 days ago

    I love Chevy

  • SapphireShark88


    12 days ago

    Wow! Things about a Car that JUST MAKE SENSE!

  • Jayson Lavern

    Jayson Lavern

    12 days ago

    This is more effective than any car advert ever, hire this fkin guy

  • Jo Poveromo

    Jo Poveromo

    12 days ago

    Oh a trunk in the back and the front?? Too bad both of them combined are half the size of the trunk in my daily driver.

  • NotIann


    12 days ago

    Man making a whole commercial to get people to buy it like everyone is rich

  • haneefy


    13 days ago

    Lmao instead of using the rear camera, why couldn't they just make a bigger rear mirror?

  • Zorro Geomje

    Zorro Geomje

    13 days ago

    I know he's flexing secretly, but i gotta admit, this car is really cool looking

  • Jose Jose

    Jose Jose

    13 days ago

    Old Ferrari Spider???

  • Rick Astley but with clout

    Rick Astley but with clout

    13 days ago

    What do you do for a living?

  • MrMoney85


    13 days ago

    You should just make a video saying top 10 reasons why Chevy is better than Ford

  • Kamari_


    13 days ago

    Is just me or does the rear of the car look angry?

  • Mario Alberto Flores Jr.

    Mario Alberto Flores Jr.

    13 days ago

    The fact that everything is just buttons makes me dislike this car

  • Nicholai Seay

    Nicholai Seay

    14 days ago

    This is my new favorite Corvette

  • Alessandro Franchi

    Alessandro Franchi

    14 days ago

    It has the same screen infotainment sistem of the opel insignia lol

  • Anirban Mookherjee

    Anirban Mookherjee

    14 days ago

    Hmmm I'm thinking it does make sense..

  • Drew Dixon

    Drew Dixon

    14 days ago


  • Manolo Borja

    Manolo Borja

    14 days ago

    Now I have to decide between this and the gtr.

  • The Power Of Offense

    The Power Of Offense

    14 days ago

    Nice. However, I would rather buy a Ford GT which cost almost 10 times more.

    • Robert Arctor

      Robert Arctor

      14 days ago

      WOW COOL



    14 days ago

    You mean, slow ICE car ~

  • AL-AN X99X

    AL-AN X99X

    14 days ago

    One thing i love about cars is the heights on the suspension so you don't get hit by the bump when ever you like low car

  • Olajide Ajai

    Olajide Ajai

    14 days ago

    I must buy this car by God grace
    The day I'll start my music career I pray I will make it well 🙏

  • Donald Smith

    Donald Smith

    14 days ago

    I change my mind i like this more than a lambo I need the Corvette bc I love to feature and the look

  • asiansrus2


    14 days ago

    I just bought one with a factory installed state of the art penis pump.

  • Steve Gibson

    Steve Gibson

    14 days ago

    These Snozzberries taste like Snozzberries!



    14 days ago

    How much does this car cost at most?

  • Curbyzツ


    15 days ago

    Ok now someone buy this for me and I’ll give you a cookie

  • tbl4r1


    15 days ago

    All those components should last about a year.

  • Kye 1

    Kye 1

    15 days ago

    So it’s like majority of new cars?

  • Unfunny Valentine

    Unfunny Valentine

    15 days ago

    it looks dark yellow

    • Unfunny Valentine

      Unfunny Valentine

      15 days ago

      i think im color blind

  • Two


    15 days ago

    The first one does not make sense to meh

  • Christian Sakovitch

    Christian Sakovitch

    15 days ago

    damn that thing is Beautiful

  • WaffleKeeper


    15 days ago

    Things that just makes sense: 3021 car

  • JRX6


    15 days ago

    Budget doug demouro

  • Lias Thimen

    Lias Thimen

    15 days ago

    They really said need for speed

  • LadiesMan 217

    LadiesMan 217

    15 days ago

    Wish Cadillac would’ve made a super car off this chassis 😔

  • PompiTube


    16 days ago

    Next, a car where you drive it lying on the car floor like batman. Very "fun"

  • PompiTube


    16 days ago

    I saw two of those corvetes. They look like transfomers, but they are so fucking low, every car at the road will block their view.
    It's a really shitty car to drive outside the racing track

  • Dra Pettiford

    Dra Pettiford

    16 days ago

    Thx is fucking sick

  • pro_gamer001


    16 days ago

    If the engine is in the middle and you need to fix it how would you get to the engine🤔

  • 1298 Tomcat

    1298 Tomcat

    16 days ago

    That's a nice Ferrari


  • Hank Nuss

    Hank Nuss

    16 days ago

    So it has airbags ish

  • mnk007


    16 days ago

    Anyone else see the front bumper cam and have no idea what it's showing in this video? Literally can't tell what the hell that camera is showing at all. Also, those 2 intro shots the camera adjusting back to the car isn't really a good look. Maybe make the shot slower and then speed it up in edit?

  • Absolute Absurd

    Absolute Absurd

    16 days ago

    That ass

  • max f

    max f

    16 days ago

    “Things that have been on cars for years but Americans only just discovered them”

    • Kitty Kawaii

      Kitty Kawaii

      16 days ago

      Americans don’t only drive American cars . Majority drive Japanese cars because they are cheaper and they do come with back up cameras for the most part .. some people are just struggling upgrade their cars like every country

  • Jxyjxysmo


    17 days ago

    That’s the gap camera

  • HeoBaby


    17 days ago

    This is why I want a Corvette

  • Papa Scorch

    Papa Scorch

    17 days ago

    "you can lift the front"

    Ah yes, the totally new feature that's been there since the 90's

  • Blank Note

    Blank Note

    17 days ago

    You know what doesn’t make sense the price

  • Oliver Hawksworth

    Oliver Hawksworth

    17 days ago

    Shame it’s a corvette so you know it’s not going to function properly

  • Okuyasu Nijimura

    Okuyasu Nijimura

    17 days ago

    Thanks now my car robbing game will get me a safe steal and way more money

  • Tyler Will

    Tyler Will

    17 days ago

    For the skyline people n corvette people the skyline is lighter and smaller so even if you build the c8 and build the skyline the skyline will still murder the c8



      16 days ago

      That’s too many car words for me.

  • Keegan L Gold

    Keegan L Gold

    17 days ago

    Can it catch someone stealing it

  • Riley Mathews

    Riley Mathews

    17 days ago

    Features, features, features. Shut up, and turn that beautiful Corvette on, I don’t like cars and mechanics to hear you blab on about features, rev that mf