Transforming ALL of Minecraft - The ULTIMATE Survival World | Part 2

Published on Jun 17, 2021
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Some people call me a madman... and I guess they're right. 100,000 LIKES for part 3 of the ULTIMATE survival world. My partner in crime @StephBlox has been helping loads with the planning, research, and writing the story for this project, so go show her some love and support for all of her hard work!


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  • TrixyBlox


    Month ago

    Sup gamers! I know a lot of you have been waiting for this one! 😎
    Remember to join the Discord if you have any questions about the world:
    Edit: okay we hit the like goal in just over 2 hours 😅 guess I better get building ⛏

    • Tamara Hynes

      Tamara Hynes

      Month ago


    • Fermin Fernandez-Villaverde

      Fermin Fernandez-Villaverde

      Month ago

      Can you give the island for free download because my parents are not going to let me spend money on a minecraft map

    • DFC


      Month ago

      Are you going to transform the nether?

    • Макс Цырков

      Макс Цырков

      Month ago

      My man, you built a ship based on Black Pearl

    • giacomo morasso

      giacomo morasso

      Month ago

      for the next biome i vote jungle

  • Landon Johnston

    Landon Johnston

    2 hours ago


  • Kuba Birecki

    Kuba Birecki

    3 hours ago


  • Elias Contreras

    Elias Contreras

    4 hours ago




    5 hours ago

    Part 3

  • Nini Lyons

    Nini Lyons

    5 hours ago

    We need him at 10 mill rn and there should be a woodland mansion in the dark oak forest

    • Nini Lyons

      Nini Lyons

      5 hours ago

      The desert well could be updated as well

  • Blazed Gamer

    Blazed Gamer

    5 hours ago

    Do mesa please

  • Plushtrap production

    Plushtrap production

    5 hours ago

    Jungle do the jungle

  • Furkan Gamer

    Furkan Gamer

    5 hours ago

    Link ?

  • Ky Le

    Ky Le

    5 hours ago

    So excited for the map!!!

  • ZmokinTaterz Gaming

    ZmokinTaterz Gaming

    6 hours ago

    Church of Satan would look cool in the nether biome. Or just some real cult-like worship place
    Edit: Use Pillagers for the residents if possible

  • TheSnowFelis


    6 hours ago

    Can you make St. Basil's Cathedral in a snowy biome please, thankyou

  • huyen luong

    huyen luong

    6 hours ago

    I can belive my eyes!

  • Paula van Lith

    Paula van Lith

    8 hours ago


  • bocil epep anti wibu

    bocil epep anti wibu

    8 hours ago

    Ff obloh

  • Vilma Susak

    Vilma Susak

    9 hours ago

    Snowy mountains and jungle please!!!

  • Lorenzo Rizzi

    Lorenzo Rizzi

    9 hours ago

    Part 3

  • Ashleigh le boutillier

    Ashleigh le boutillier

    10 hours ago

    Do the mesa

  • Nanaimo Vygen

    Nanaimo Vygen

    10 hours ago

    Since you have used spruce in the planes biome you can maybe make a connection of the biomes like desert & jungle

  • Emilia Mergirl

    Emilia Mergirl

    10 hours ago

    Ok, hear me out under water city at the ocean monument, like Atlantis style!

  • Flow TFF

    Flow TFF

    10 hours ago

    Grian Who?

  • Jack Bull

    Jack Bull

    11 hours ago

    When you release it can you release it to bedrock to pls (also I know he will never see this so can people pls like so he can see thank you)

  • Shan Imran

    Shan Imran

    12 hours ago

    If I can play this map free, I will smash my Lamborghini

    Fun fact: I don't have a Lamborghini

  • The Sky God

    The Sky God

    13 hours ago

    we also want hindu temple like pashupatinath from kathmandu

  • BloxyGoddess


    14 hours ago

    Could you transform the nether and end too? That would be so cool but also time consuming

  • Miko Dy

    Miko Dy

    14 hours ago

    For everyone wondering on why he is dead: cus he is building another big project :>



    14 hours ago

    it would be cool if you made more lord of the rings builds!

  • Robert Bodonal Jr

    Robert Bodonal Jr

    15 hours ago

    Were can we download this after all???? Im so excited to finished

  • Joemari Lacson

    Joemari Lacson

    16 hours ago

    I need a city island like a Philippines

  • Angela Ruatto

    Angela Ruatto

    16 hours ago

    U know what where are glaciers or ice gonna be found in stead of trading

  • ItzKruptedYT I Gaming And More!

    ItzKruptedYT I Gaming And More!

    17 hours ago

    This is going to be fuclign amazing with some mods added as well

  • logger


    18 hours ago

    how do you not get bored?

    • BadAndSad


      15 hours ago

      do u see these likes? :D

  • Bob Robinson

    Bob Robinson

    20 hours ago

    I know you already did a pirates of the Caribbean reference, but maybe consider something related to Davy Jones / the kraken? Idk I feel like that would be really cool

  • B Hen's Chameleons

    B Hen's Chameleons

    20 hours ago

    Let's just say the Trixyblox is the best minecraft builder!
    He is even better than Grian!!!

  • Beignet Boo

    Beignet Boo

    21 hour ago

    dark forest biome next!

  • Bella Long

    Bella Long

    21 hour ago

    Are you going to do the 1.17 after your finish this project just asking

  • The Golden Sword

    The Golden Sword

    22 hours ago

    I want part 3 soooooOoOooOoOoOoOOoOoo bad

  • Jacob Droege

    Jacob Droege

    23 hours ago

    build idea maybe... Massive volcano with burned ruins at bottem

    • BadAndSad


      15 hours ago


  • Beatrice Monster

    Beatrice Monster

    23 hours ago

    ur better than the people who created minecraft

  • Jasper Verberckmoes

    Jasper Verberckmoes

    23 hours ago

    when new vid

  • Sargentnopants


    Day ago

    I vote you work on the snow biome next

  • Nicolas Sierra Encinas

    Nicolas Sierra Encinas

    Day ago

    Make a map in the villages

  • Jay Puthoff

    Jay Puthoff

    Day ago


  • VitanaIQ


    Day ago


  • Emmanuel martinezpalaciose

    Emmanuel martinezpalaciose

    Day ago

    we tried

  • Patrick Lacsina

    Patrick Lacsina

    Day ago

    TrixyBlox colab with Mumbo Jumbo

  • Samuël Hulsbergen

    Samuël Hulsbergen

    Day ago

    Religion & Ethics for the Mesa.

  • John F Kennedy • 800 years ago

    John F Kennedy • 800 years ago

    Day ago

    Finally a masterpiece to show Minecraft doesn't have a ending you make that ending and it shows how much exploring you can do whatever
    Or it's just creative minds

  • K'C


    Day ago

    Is there going to be anyway to get this on xbox

  • Stueymul


    Day ago

    trixy when is your next vid

  • Hudson0701gaming


    Day ago

    He should add a mod for it

  • Ordhin V.Hohenheim

    Ordhin V.Hohenheim

    Day ago

    One month no news.....

  • Rodolfo III Amurao

    Rodolfo III Amurao

    Day ago

    This is squidwards dream 8:55

  • spynz


    Day ago

    Wheres pt3?? It has 600k like

  • Colemole


    Day ago

    Savanna and ?

  • Koolflame Gaming

    Koolflame Gaming

    Day ago


    • K'C


      Day ago

      Can you download it on xbox, sorry for bothering you.

  • Navneet Kodveti

    Navneet Kodveti

    Day ago

    Please make Indian temples 🤩🤩

  • Gal Aricha

    Gal Aricha

    Day ago

    so here's a question that as a survival/creative player I must ask: does the map as ores and minerals generated in it? I always download worldpinter maps and find that there is no coal/iron/gold/diamonds/Redstone to mine and use.

  • Gauge M

    Gauge M

    Day ago

    Work on the Mesa biome pls

  • Lindie du Preez

    Lindie du Preez

    Day ago

    Im pretty Exited for the jungle and mesie and snowy tandra



    Day ago

    Please do a castle

  • lexie mason

    lexie mason

    Day ago

    MESA AND JUNGLE !! MESA AND JUNGLE !! I wanna see what you do with that wild west idea and the treehouse village



    Day ago

    Where i can download this map???

  • Ladak studios

    Ladak studios

    Day ago

    Need this world download link

  • Kurt Gkop

    Kurt Gkop

    Day ago

    Land of Wano



    Day ago

    How to get this map

  • Stefan Stevic

    Stefan Stevic

    Day ago

    Neko iz srbije?

  • Taing yin chhay

    Taing yin chhay

    Day ago

    I want to see something like angkor wat temple in dark forest

  • AuWa


    Day ago

    Dam git u go crazy Fr fr

  • B Hen's Chameleons

    B Hen's Chameleons

    Day ago

    Let’s hope Mohammad watches this.
    Edit: what the heck? I mean Mojang not Mohammad!!

  • MechaMaster20


    Day ago

    The island reminds me of Mata Nui. Would you be able to put references to Bionicle on the island?
    The Tundra could be dedicated to Matoro the one who saved Mata Nui

  • savage huke

    savage huke

    Day ago

    Please add Indian temples in
    jungle biome !!!!!

  • Rhyn_HD Gamerz

    Rhyn_HD Gamerz

    Day ago

    Masha and the snowy mountains

  • Kid Atticus

    Kid Atticus

    Day ago

    dark oak1

  • moonlight


    Day ago


  • ItsAxo


    Day ago

    I want more Trish blocz

  • Lina Yen

    Lina Yen

    Day ago

    Pliss makenit free download

  • Fish Sticks

    Fish Sticks

    Day ago

    Tiger biome please

  • AustinPlaysRoblox


    Day ago

    This is my history lesson

  • ⲈⲥⲕEckren Skateboarding

    ⲈⲥⲕEckren Skateboarding

    Day ago

    do a LDS temple for the next church building

  • Gamer dude 69

    Gamer dude 69

    Day ago

    If its taking him so long to upload pt3 i bet its gonna be very epic

  • Aleksandar Veljanoski

    Aleksandar Veljanoski

    Day ago

    You better do an east Asian like village or I'll be mad

  • Filipek


    Day ago

    Verygood builds i must say. Im trying myslef to build big builds and they are looking great but the only problem is "Lag" if i don,t had lag they would definitely be bigger.

  • StopChipmunk42


    2 days ago

    Still recording?

  • Arietty-Chan :3

    Arietty-Chan :3

    2 days ago

    Ok We need a swamp village.
    Also where does the motivation come from lol

  • DaNuthee


    2 days ago

    You should do Monuments and Ocean Ruins in the water.

  • Tommaso Zebri

    Tommaso Zebri

    2 days ago

    How he di this world??

  • HYP3RX


    2 days ago

    No really, please customize the end and the nether biomes.

  • Parmjeet Singh

    Parmjeet Singh

    2 days ago

    When part 3??

    • Parmjeet Singh

      Parmjeet Singh

      23 hours ago

      In the back round when hes making the mushrooms you can see the pillager aopost from part 1

  • MrMasterPlayz


    2 days ago

    If minecraft adds at least one of these ideas to the game, that would be INSANE
    Edit: btw will you do the nether and end biomes as well or no?

  • Berzerk


    2 days ago

    11:22 this is looks like persia empire

  • Neeraj Kapoor

    Neeraj Kapoor

    2 days ago

    Build a india temple



    2 days ago

    I love your building's supporting from bd

    • Kakeru Okikura

      Kakeru Okikura

      2 days ago

      Bangladesh 🖐️🤔🇧🇩😊🙂

  • Mirji McStinky

    Mirji McStinky

    2 days ago

    Do the jungle next!
    (Also I choose to call the island Mushroom Hill Zone)

  • Karl Bartolay

    Karl Bartolay

    2 days ago

    How about the Mayon volcano here in the Philippines and the ruined church for the dark oak forest.

  • Aaron K.

    Aaron K.

    2 days ago

    Absolutely stoked for the next video, can't even imagine the ideas he has for the next biome.

  • Heithem Man

    Heithem Man

    2 days ago

    I hope if this world could be in Minecraft PE

  • PandaNicki


    2 days ago

    Hey Trixy, I have a question from a friend and I would like to try to paint with world painter can you do a tutorial where you can explain that?