Published on Jul 26, 2021
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Hey shapeshifters! We are transforming wigs that Trixie Mattel sent me from her latest video Trying on Trixie wigs from Amazon! She sent me a handful of things, and this will be part one of a few if you all like it. Let's get our model faces on as we try on this assortment of gildas!

Outro montage music by my hot and talented music man @tylrcmpbll

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Jaymes Mansfield
  • A P

    A P

    3 days ago

    For a minute, I really thought Trixie released a line of wigs and I was like, surely not these costume ones!

  • Ms_Rimi


    4 days ago

    The Tina Turner looks gorgeous on you out the box!

  • Ggg Gggg

    Ggg Gggg

    9 days ago

    That was fun!

  • Tyler Foster

    Tyler Foster

    9 days ago

    I love James I swear.

  • Leah Bouley

    Leah Bouley

    10 days ago

    The two drag names I debate on is Annie may wigg (cause I used to wear this awful red anime wig in public cause I hated having brown hair and my parents wouldn’t let me dye my hair lol or Olga arky (Oligarchy since I’m russian)

  • Freff


    10 days ago

    It's Feral Fawcett

  • grandcarriage1


    12 days ago

    awww man. I didn't know Chris March had passed until watching this. He had to have been one of my FAVORITE PR contestants. RIP.

  • Elianna E

    Elianna E

    13 days ago

    These are sooooo good ahhh

  • Henrique de Almeida

    Henrique de Almeida

    16 days ago

    Listening to Jaymes is like listening to your favorite aunt, I feel so calm and relaxed

  • zenia A

    zenia A

    18 days ago

    Came for the magic thanks Trixie

  • Jelena E

    Jelena E

    19 days ago

    When she came on with the Tina turner wig I DIED 😂😂😂 she said “What the fuck?” Lmfaooo

  • Krystal Stone

    Krystal Stone

    19 days ago

    Did Trixie's assistant tell you you have to send them back after you styled them?

  • GJ Rrr

    GJ Rrr

    21 day ago

    I mean this is a fabulous gig for the AS7 talent show ❤️

  • garoons


    22 days ago

    Jaymes looks so good in the wigs even before the revamping. Some sort of J.M. magic

  • Megan Burson

    Megan Burson

    22 days ago

    Omg. Her voice as she's working on that wig. She's the Bob Ross of wigs. I swear TG.

  • YuBeace


    22 days ago

    I like how Trixie decided to send them over to Jaymes and turned this into a wonderful spontanious collab. Good call, Jaymes really knows what she's doing!

  • JoeBiden is a racist liar treasonous dictator pedo

    JoeBiden is a racist liar treasonous dictator pedo

    23 days ago

    What happened rro ur voice lol

  • Phillip M

    Phillip M

    24 days ago


  • Gabrielle C.

    Gabrielle C.

    24 days ago

    Okay but why is listening to Jaymes talking while fixing the wig SO RELAXING?

  • high tunnel

    high tunnel

    25 days ago

    It’s so awesome you followed up with these vids!

  • hypotermia baby

    hypotermia baby

    27 days ago

    girl do something to that poor tina turner wig😂

  • Simon Wang

    Simon Wang

    28 days ago

    The verdant patch reciprocally last because grape subsequently mix modulo a squealing columnist. half, merciful grandfather

  • Dimo


    Month ago

    3:02 I thought that was Alyssa Edwards in the picture 💀💀

  • Beah Artemisia

    Beah Artemisia

    Month ago

    One of the biggest drag queen names I've ever heard, as a Brazilian, has to be Lohane Vêkanandre Sthephany Smith Bueno de Ha Ha Ha de Raio Laser Bala de Icekiss. Definitely a name worthy of a Brazilian queen.

  • Luna D'argent

    Luna D'argent

    Month ago

    Not a drag name but Nati Natini Natili Savic Panpic de La tus Tuane Danuza Deise Medley Leona is a huge name

  • Angela Gasparetti

    Angela Gasparetti

    Month ago

    I get such a Mr Rogers but make it drag vibes from your videos, it’s nice!

  • getdownlo


    Month ago

    m'am you did amazing work with these. and hearing you talk about jackie deshannon was so wonderful!

  • Nicholas Rivera

    Nicholas Rivera

    Month ago

    Nancy Sinatra is the daughter of Frank Sinatra

  • tyler gambino

    tyler gambino

    Month ago

    you are LITERALLY jennifer tilly!!!❤️

  • pear


    Month ago

    not the forced feminization moment djdhdjdhdsldhd

  • Jacob Muntzel

    Jacob Muntzel

    Month ago

    She just looks like she beating up a platinum cousin It when she’s teasing the first wigs.

  • Denise xoxo love

    Denise xoxo love

    Month ago

    OMG imposebul ist cute😍💯♥👍

  • Glossy Plays

    Glossy Plays

    Month ago


  • nancy torres

    nancy torres

    Month ago

    Speaking of cosplay. Has Jaymes made any cosplay wigs?

  • Tobias Rörvall Rodrigues

    Tobias Rörvall Rodrigues

    Month ago

    Nancy and Frank Sinatra were married. Otherwise "Something Stupid" would be something creepy. 😂

  • Hector Vee

    Hector Vee

    Month ago

    “Well, u DID only watch one episode.” 😭😭😭

  • Robert Perez

    Robert Perez

    Month ago

    Nancy Sinatra is Frank Sinatra’s daughter

  • rosa-acicularis


    Month ago

    I knew a queen named Shaleeta Holbuffay

  • Monica Johnston

    Monica Johnston

    Month ago

    That "Farrah" wig is actually sending out some serious Hedwig vibes...

  • Bailey Henley

    Bailey Henley

    Month ago

    When she said you wouldn’t be able to tell the wigs were different colors once she was done with it I was like 😬 ummm ok. But girl now I wanna buy it off of her and go as Lady Bunny for Halloween

  • Courtney McKeon

    Courtney McKeon

    Month ago

    The Farah Faucet one!! Love this transformation - you work miracles!

  • Megan Grant

    Megan Grant

    Month ago

    Welcome to the Stage, Jasmine Hanina Subaru Toyota Hyundai of Jacksonville Florida

  • TheHellevator


    Month ago

    I love listening to Jaymes talk, the nicest voice!

  • Medusa Jellyfish

    Medusa Jellyfish

    Month ago

    Wow, you are so funny 🤣. Since I first saw you on Rupaul Drag Race I knew you were a stardust☄ ready to become a amazing 👏 Galaxy star 🌟 .



    Month ago

    Disco doll wig is similar to the hair Trixie wore for the disco runway with the pink velvet jumpsuit.

  • Gavin Alexander

    Gavin Alexander

    Month ago

    LOL...Trixie wasn't joking, and James followed through with it.

  • Patrique Riepe

    Patrique Riepe

    Month ago

    Do the Dolly!!!

  • Prefrontal Cortex

    Prefrontal Cortex

    Month ago

    Hedda Lettuce 💚💚💚

  • Inspiration, Move me Brightly

    Inspiration, Move me Brightly

    Month ago

    That pointed ass wig on Trixie had me HOWLING. It looks wayyyy better on you than it did on her lmao
    Also at this point I think Amazon is just slapping Trixie’s name on any blonde wig

  • Alex Willis-Paulsen

    Alex Willis-Paulsen

    Month ago

    I'd love to see what you can do with that insane Tina wig! O.O

  • Ali Reed

    Ali Reed

    Month ago

    Not a drag name. Someone I went to school with. Not sure if it’s her real name or not. I was 12. Not sure why I still remember it but it was Mariah Parker Danette Danone Gerlock Sinon Simon Swain

  • Lucio R.

    Lucio R.

    Month ago

    The fact that the Nancy and Frank Sinatra song is literally called "Somethin' Stupid" is a BRILLIANT joke. Brava.

  • Micah Jones

    Micah Jones

    Month ago

    Your voice and timbre is so adorable! I could listen to you speak about nothing and still be delighted!

  • eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    Month ago

    A lot of these wigs are very dolly parton. You could almost say that there is....... a dolly pattern 👀

  • Moe Moe Carrasco

    Moe Moe Carrasco

    Month ago

    Please please please style more of these wigs! All of them, any of them! Please please please!!!!

  • Jenny Lyons

    Jenny Lyons

    Month ago

    I wanna see you do your best with whichever is the worst one(s)

  • Laurann Scarlett

    Laurann Scarlett

    Month ago

    Just letting you know jaymes that Nancy was Frank’s oldest daughter. Just because you didn’t remember.

    • eioshen boboi

      eioshen boboi

      Month ago

      I just watched Trixie’s video, a week later from this one lol



    Month ago


  • cale williamson

    cale williamson

    Month ago

    her voice is iconic

  • Christopher Thomas

    Christopher Thomas

    Month ago

    I'm dying laughing. You said Crystal Dicanter, and my husband's drag name is Krystal Dicanter, and yes she wears those large 90s hair.

  • Jonah Talley

    Jonah Talley

    Month ago

    Girl all your wigs are sold out!!! Help a heifer out!!!

  • Roxanne Rose

    Roxanne Rose

    Month ago

    That "Dolly" ramen wig is going to shed to nothingness the second a brush touches it, I swear. I'm curious to see that disaster.

  • vbddfy euuyt

    vbddfy euuyt

    Month ago

    A lot of these wigs are very dolly parton. You could almost say that there is....... a dolly pattern 👀

  • Nani Nani

    Nani Nani

    Month ago

    The way you talk while you work really reminds me of bob ross ☺️ gives me the warm fuzzies inside

  • katchyal8er


    Month ago

    i used to do allstar competitive cheer and watching this video feels like im back at a competition getting my hair done by a cheer mom while she sprays hairspray in my eyes

  • Octávio Ferreira

    Octávio Ferreira

    Month ago


  • Mona xx

    Mona xx

    Month ago

    Please do the rest, you did so well

  • Léo Pape

    Léo Pape

    Month ago

    It's giving me very Juno birch wig 😍

  • N T

    N T

    Month ago

    I wanna see Farrah and Tina!!!

  • Paulette Cherry

    Paulette Cherry

    Month ago

    I LOVE the transformation. Need it in red ❤️

  • Luna R

    Luna R

    Month ago

    I would love to see you try to combine all 4 other wigs together

  • Alana Carriles

    Alana Carriles

    Month ago

    I just watched Trixie’s video, a week later from this one lol

  • Ellie Desautels

    Ellie Desautels

    Month ago

    That was actually so relaxing to watch, I’d love to see another transformation.

  • Cynthia Griggs

    Cynthia Griggs

    Month ago

    Wow 😯 this wig is huge 💕💗
    Could you recreate a wig from Mars Attacks the Martian spy girl?

  • Jessica Kainu

    Jessica Kainu

    Month ago

    A true miracle worker. Can you rehabilitate more awful wigs?

  • CreepItSurreal


    Month ago

    Trixie is gonna be asking for that back now lol

  • Harper Gray

    Harper Gray

    Month ago

    WOAH that is awesome what you did with those wigs. Your episode auto played after Trixies! Love you!!!

  • Jay Mad

    Jay Mad

    Month ago

    Love her stories while teasing the wigs. Adorable to listen to 💕✨💐!!

  • Pr3ttyFlaw3d


    Month ago

    Did I miss the "magical wig spray" moment? Did she do it??



    Month ago

    please transform that tina wig!!

  • Jess MT

    Jess MT

    Month ago

    This is my favorite transformation! 🤩

  • Kathryn Hunt

    Kathryn Hunt

    Month ago

    I caNNOT believe you just did that. This gives me Lady Bunny vibes with the thick bang and all that incredible volume. This is also so inspiring for me because I just started doing cosplays and now I can take what I've learned here and apply it to styling my (incredibly cheap and not so stunning) wigs.

  • izeizei


    Month ago

    I'd call the end product "Mall Perm Gone Wild" 🤣 What I'm trying to say is even after James'seses's stellar treatment the wig still looks clownass cheap!

  • dcoog anml

    dcoog anml

    Month ago

    "I was contacted by Trixie Mattels assistant " lol

  • Holly Raynsford

    Holly Raynsford

    Month ago

    Love it! You worked your magic! 💜🙌🏻❤️

  • Jacqueline Trigo

    Jacqueline Trigo

    Month ago

    A miracle was just performed! The wig looks so different!

    • dcoog anml

      dcoog anml

      Month ago

      I loved it uhhhh that mullet is awesome

  • Kelly Owens

    Kelly Owens

    Month ago

    James gives me Bob Ross vibes

  • Jennifer Diggs

    Jennifer Diggs

    Month ago

    why are you so damn cute

  • River Steele

    River Steele

    Month ago


  • Jessica Jagger

    Jessica Jagger

    Month ago

  • Wendy Lee A

    Wendy Lee A

    Month ago

    I love that wig on the style head. Jaymes is A-ma-zing 😁

  • Jonathan Southwell

    Jonathan Southwell

    Month ago

    Would love to see the Tina redone!

  • Indee Watson

    Indee Watson

    Month ago

    now we know where lady bunny gets her wigs

  • TT ._

    TT ._

    Month ago

    … I’m gonna make a Trixie wig

  • Sebastian Drews

    Sebastian Drews

    Month ago

    Please do all the wigs Tracy sent you!!!

  • Kitty Girl

    Kitty Girl

    Month ago

    This looks really good on you James. You're a wizard.

  • Terah L

    Terah L

    Month ago

    "No one's gonna notice" - *places yellow wig ontop of white wig* ... girl XD

  • Alison Johnson

    Alison Johnson

    Month ago

    Lmao well you got a follow from me doll

  • Butifitstrueillbet


    Month ago

    Trixie wasn't lying when she said she was gonna give em to James :3 that was fast

  • Bibi N

    Bibi N

    Month ago

    Fashion Show