Vanessa Hudgens, Ana Villafañe, and Anthony Ramos in Lin-Manuel Miranda's In the Heights

Published on Mar 14, 2018
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The Kennedy Center is gearing up to present Lin-Manuel Miranda's In the Heights, running March 21-25 as a part of the inaugural season of Broadway Center Stage, a series of musicals in semistaged concerts. The all-star production will feature Vanessa Hudgens as Vanessa, with Ana Villafañe as Nina, and Anthony Ramos as Usnavi. Watch Hudgens and Ramos dance to "The Club," and hear Villafañe's take on "Breathe" in highlights from a New York City rehearsal for the event.

  • theatermania


    2 years ago

    Get discount Broadway tickets here!

    • Katherine Knapp

      Katherine Knapp

      10 months ago

      @Vanessa Billings same

    • Vanessa Billings

      Vanessa Billings

      10 months ago

      Like I have the money for Broadway tickets.

    • Katherine Knapp

      Katherine Knapp

      10 months ago

      @Izzy Head lol

    • Katherine Knapp

      Katherine Knapp

      10 months ago

      @Izzy Head 😊

    • Izzy Head

      Izzy Head

      10 months ago


  • Adriana Reina

    Adriana Reina

    18 hours ago

    Yes,I like it!!❤️

  • x


    3 days ago

    I knew I didn’t dream this

  • Jo


    3 days ago

    Do you know where it's possible to watch the version with Vanessa Hudgens? ✌

  • Antony Pettifer

    Antony Pettifer

    6 days ago

    “Like I know it’s a virus but like aren’t people gonna die”???

  • Linden Brady

    Linden Brady

    8 days ago

    Vanessa Hudgens isn’t Latina though right? Like don’t get me wrong, maybe it doesn’t matter that much for the character idk, but it seemed like they were trying to cast Latino actors

  • Lani Alvarado

    Lani Alvarado

    9 days ago

    Tired of her playing Latinas in movies lmao. Can’t even give a pass because she doesn’t sing that well. :/ Top it all off with her recent whining over quarantine...

  • Nayops 20

    Nayops 20

    10 days ago

    So she was in this huh🤔🎶

  • emma kiel

    emma kiel

    12 days ago

    My newsie brain: IS THAT NICO IN THE BACK!!!!

  • Claudia Ross

    Claudia Ross

    12 days ago

    does anyone know where i can watch this version?

  • Mayme


    14 days ago

    Anthony has come so far omg

  • saiki kusuo

    saiki kusuo

    14 days ago

    Why is she casted tho, she’s filipino not latina

    • Elijah Franklin

      Elijah Franklin

      9 days ago

      Maybe that’s why they recasted the part lol

  • RainaCsus


    15 days ago


  • Kei Greathouse

    Kei Greathouse

    15 days ago

    anthony so damn foine

  • Crystal Pistey-Lyhne

    Crystal Pistey-Lyhne

    16 days ago


  • Maia W

    Maia W

    17 days ago

    Watching in the heights rn!

  • Nicolas Masanes

    Nicolas Masanes

    20 days ago

    Is that eden espinoza behind nina?

    • ndv180


      12 days ago

      @Nicolas Masanes it was at the Kennedy Center for about a week in the spring of 2018. I’m not aware of any filming.

    • Nicolas Masanes

      Nicolas Masanes

      12 days ago

      @ndv180 plz tell me i can watch this version somewhere

    • ndv180


      12 days ago

      Yes. She played Daniela

  • mark anthony mendoza

    mark anthony mendoza

    23 days ago

    Who's that girl in purple dancing with Anthony?

    • ndv180


      12 days ago

      Morgan Marcell (OBC Hamilton, OBC Bandstand, OBC Moulin Rouge)

  • Gabby Salow

    Gabby Salow

    24 days ago

    This .....isn't.....right

  • Ghostflame92


    25 days ago

    Wow... now I wish Vanessa hudgens was in the movie. Not that Melissa Barrera didn’t do well, she did great actually, like... Vanessa hudgens 😍

  • Patchwork Girl

    Patchwork Girl

    28 days ago

    now Anthony Ramos playing usnavi in the movie lol

  • Karla


    29 days ago

    00:00 whats this style of dance called!? IM GONNA LEARN

    • Maura DO'B

      Maura DO'B

      17 days ago

      i’m almost positive it’s samba

  • Deby Villa

    Deby Villa

    Month ago

    My last name is also Villafañe

  • sofia


    Month ago

    now anthony plays him in the movie omg 😭😭

  • Pepo Cayo

    Pepo Cayo

    Month ago

    who is the dancer who says "No hablo ingles"?

    • Pepo Cayo

      Pepo Cayo

      28 days ago

      @ndv180 thanks! Mi inglés es malo, pero gracias me parecía conocida de algún lado, debe ser de Hamilton. Gracias de nuevo!

    • ndv180


      28 days ago

      Morgan Marcell . She was OBC Hamilton and currently in the Broadway cast of Moulin Rouge.

  • Cleafreya Reeves

    Cleafreya Reeves

    Month ago

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  • Eva Pena

    Eva Pena

    Month ago

    Vanessa gives off such strong Natalie wood vibes

  • aresef


    Month ago

    Anthony Ramos as Usnavi? It’ll never work :p

    • reindeer773


      21 day ago

      it worked out so well, imo even better than lin as usnavi

    • just jalyn

      just jalyn

      28 days ago

      clearly havent seen the movie

  • James Y

    James Y

    Month ago

    I just watched In The Heights and Vanessa Hudgens would’ve been so great as Vanessa

  • Jimmy Two-Times

    Jimmy Two-Times

    Month ago

    Fap fap fap fap

  • Rachel Crooks Crook

    Rachel Crooks Crook

    Month ago


  • Mya Grasso

    Mya Grasso

    Month ago

    Why do the characters and actors look so different??? That’s what confused me

    • maddie fm

      maddie fm

      29 days ago

      this isnt the movie cast. it’s only anthony ramos here that was in the movie

  • pocket rocket

    pocket rocket

    Month ago

    The girl in purple looks angry.

  • terry girard

    terry girard

    Month ago

    Vanessa is good but this musical kind of sucks.

  • Derrick STFU

    Derrick STFU

    Month ago

    I can see why Zack kept tapping that

  • azzy Medina

    azzy Medina

    Month ago

    Isn’t she Filipino why is she in a Latin American play

  • N B

    N B

    Month ago

    Looks boring.....

    • GreenieBeanie


      8 days ago

      Have you seen the movie? It was good girl!

  • danadelion yellow

    danadelion yellow

    Month ago


  • jennifafaa


    Month ago

    Anthony Ramos is so cute

  • Jared Q

    Jared Q

    Month ago

    She is irritating

  • Sam L

    Sam L

    Month ago

    This show is one of the greatest shows but Horrible Vanessa

    • Elisaxtina


      29 days ago

      @Jansean Hernane I’m my opinion I don’t see a problem at all with a Filipino American playing a Latin/Hispanic character. The Philippines have a huge Spanish influence anyways from colonization. It’s acting 🎭 she’s played many Latina roles. I am here for it 🙌🏽

    • Jansean Hernane

      Jansean Hernane

      Month ago

      @Aori- Chan My Senpai~☆ So it's ok if Latinos are being played by Filipino-Americans but when white people play a different race it's not ok?

    • Aori- Chan My Senpai~☆

      Aori- Chan My Senpai~☆

      Month ago

      Just because she is not Latinas doesn't mean she is horrible

    • Aori- Chan My Senpai~☆

      Aori- Chan My Senpai~☆

      Month ago

      She is good at acting though

    • Izzie Loughran

      Izzie Loughran

      Month ago

      @Jansean Hernane Ahhhh ok thanks

  • The Lonely Pie

    The Lonely Pie

    Month ago

    Dggxgxhd I never knew this was 3 YRS ago

  • Summer Del Santo

    Summer Del Santo

    Month ago

    that looks that it was the best choreo rehearsal ever

  • Coll 44

    Coll 44

    Month ago

    Some of the best jobs in the world...maybe in my next life😘

  • Hanna PC

    Hanna PC

    2 months ago

    Omg I realize that with that haircut Vanessa as Velma Kelly would be amazing 😍😍😍

  • Calenethuil2


    2 months ago

    Do you think Zefron is coming here from time to time to watch her and reminisce? :D

  • PhuongLinh Bui

    PhuongLinh Bui

    2 months ago


  • Lizzie Hastings

    Lizzie Hastings

    2 months ago

    But Vanessa Hudgens isn’t even latina, she’s asian lmao

  • Cherubiena S

    Cherubiena S

    3 months ago

    Everyone rapping his songs sounds automatically like Lin😂 why is that?!?!

    • Mia Caliv

      Mia Caliv

      5 days ago

      Lin put his soul and love into those songs, thats only makes sense

  • Anne Fitz

    Anne Fitz

    3 months ago

    Can’t wait for the movie

  • joanne frederic

    joanne frederic

    3 months ago

    0:39 that “yes” hit different yo

  • Daniela Medina

    Daniela Medina

    4 months ago

    only here for my insane obsession with anthony ramos.

  • Rose Russo

    Rose Russo

    4 months ago

    I thought this was Eva 😂

  • WendyLou Who

    WendyLou Who

    4 months ago

    If you don't play the music it looks like they are dancing to "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar the scene with the girls or Dirty Dancing scene when Baby shouldn't be in a corner and the dancers dance with Patrick Swayze. Lol

  • Seth Bender

    Seth Bender

    4 months ago

    I’m so so so excited for this

  • Angelina Sophia Kamaratou

    Angelina Sophia Kamaratou

    4 months ago

    Anthony looking gooddd ayy

  • Ilaana Weerasinghe

    Ilaana Weerasinghe

    4 months ago

    I didn't know Vanessa Hudgens, Gabriella from high school musical can dance

  • Kris


    4 months ago

    Please stop casting Vanessa Hudgens in things.

    • paul john

      paul john

      4 months ago

      Jealous much biatch?

  • Fernanda Blunt Krasinski

    Fernanda Blunt Krasinski

    4 months ago

    The dancer with Anthony Ramos was on Rent live too

  • The Bi Child

    The Bi Child

    4 months ago

    I’m so gay I swear

  • Darlyane Nascimento

    Darlyane Nascimento

    5 months ago

    Is this her latest Christmas movie? 🎄

  • Afrikaa Santiago

    Afrikaa Santiago

    5 months ago

    The girl in pink seems to be a bit salty at the end 😂

  • Grace Craichy

    Grace Craichy

    6 months ago

    Bro. Omg

  • g75hdöäk


    6 months ago

    oooh I got chills at the end

  • XxGamer GirlxX

    XxGamer GirlxX

    6 months ago


  • Sailor Mars

    Sailor Mars

    6 months ago

    I'm so into voguing right now

  • Pang Kue

    Pang Kue

    6 months ago

    Y hasnt vanessa been on dwts??

  • television kid

    television kid

    6 months ago


  • theatre bubble

    theatre bubble

    6 months ago

    4 words.


  • Maya Ruffin

    Maya Ruffin

    7 months ago

    Everyone is talking bout Vanessa and Anthony. Why is no one taking about Castro from New Amsterdam? I did NOT know she could sing.

  • PerfectlyXpisces


    7 months ago

    When dose it come out I just want it already 😭

  • Patricia Dela Cruz

    Patricia Dela Cruz

    7 months ago

    Who's the girl singing 1:18?

    • Ryan Faure

      Ryan Faure

      6 months ago

      Ana Villafane :)

  • Efi Galanis

    Efi Galanis

    7 months ago

    I’m only here for Anthony🥰😍

  • Ellie Hamilton

    Ellie Hamilton

    8 months ago

    I really hate Vannessa since her response to covid. She sucks.

    • Stuart


      6 months ago

      I'm sure the world is thrilled

  • aimee k

    aimee k

    8 months ago

    *grey sweatpants*

  • Leah AnimaticMations

    Leah AnimaticMations

    8 months ago

    Vanessa Hudgens... i remember her “wHAT ABOUT TRUST?!” Oh, Gabriella, how i miss you 😔

  • Abigail Katyi

    Abigail Katyi

    8 months ago

    Me: sees Lin’s name.
    Me: wait this isn’t Hamilton...

  • Edward Gil

    Edward Gil

    8 months ago

    I'd sell my soul to make Vanessa my wife.

  • Nik907


    8 months ago

    Okay but holy crap Vanessa Hudgens is shredded

    • Zee Ro

      Zee Ro

      6 months ago

      ikr!! i was shocked to see her arms, like girl be working out

  • socks in bed

    socks in bed

    8 months ago

    That’s looks a lot like John Luran’s

  • jazminestryder


    9 months ago

    So happy this is gonna be a movie 😍

  • Hitler 9000

    Hitler 9000

    9 months ago


  • angxllxser


    9 months ago


  • Trinidad Lara

    Trinidad Lara

    9 months ago

    where i can watch the full musical with Linn??

  • Trinidad Lara

    Trinidad Lara

    9 months ago

    this is for the musical or the movie??

    • Ryan Faure

      Ryan Faure

      6 months ago

      I'm kinda late but this is the musical at Kennedy Center, but Anthony Ramos who's playing the lead here is also playing the lead in the movie

  • Leela Ramakrishnan

    Leela Ramakrishnan

    9 months ago

    okay but no one talks about Morgan Marcell I mean she is soooo talented!!!

  • Loofy


    10 months ago


  • Little_FluffyHeart


    10 months ago

    Papa Lin will be so proud!!! #Finallyahappyending4Anthony 🤩🤩

  • Maddie’s Magical World

    Maddie’s Magical World

    10 months ago

    Those dance moves man

  • J. Johnson

    J. Johnson

    10 months ago

    I wish i was in that room dancing

  • Nini Cherefe

    Nini Cherefe

    10 months ago

    waitttt vanessa is playing vanessa?!????

  • Sara Gmal

    Sara Gmal

    10 months ago

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  • Carissa


    10 months ago

    This for some reason makes me sad and happy T-T

  • Hollis Jo

    Hollis Jo

    10 months ago

    The club is an underrated song, it doesn't have a whole lot of singing but the dancing is phenomenal and has so much energy. And also Anthony was the perfect choice, hes young, thuggish and has a whole lot of energy and talent, so he can make you believe hes young and stupid, when in reality, hes young but really mature, kind and professional.

  • Millie Lach

    Millie Lach

    10 months ago

    Just Anthony Ramos dancing is the cutest thing I’ve seen all day

  • john madge

    john madge

    10 months ago

    Ohh the arts...what is the point

  • Michaela Robin

    Michaela Robin

    10 months ago

    What type of dance are they dancing?

  • Tobias


    11 months ago

    Are these the same people that are in the upcoming film?

  • elisabeth nerolk

    elisabeth nerolk

    11 months ago

    Eden espinoza in the back! Cool

  • •Bug •

    •Bug •

    11 months ago

    Yes just yes