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Vince Staples - "LAW OF AVERAGES" Lyrics:

[Verse 1]

Fuc a bitch, I don’t trust no bitch with my government
Fuc a friend, I don’t want no friends with no open hands
Count my bands, all alone at home don’t you call my phone
Everyone that i’ve ever known asked me for a loan
Leave me ‘lone .44 Stallone, get a nigga a gone
Raging bull, this not Paid In Full but I kill my own
Yes I love you cause you blacc, but don’t love yo ass like that I will put you on a shirt if you fucc me out my racs


Cherry Ave, Downey Ave, ho you average
Louis bag, Gucci bag, you got baggage
I will never give my money to a bad bitch (x2)
Dairy Ave, Locust Ave, ho you average
Birkin bag, Chloe bag, you got baggage
You will never catch me slippin out in traffic (x2)

[Verse 2]

AMG’s \u0026 SMG’s i’m into that shit aye
Wasn’t what he thought, we caught him like a catfish aye
Niggas fallin out \u0026 screaming like they Baptist aye
Only love her if she ratchet aye, if that ass sit aye
Got a squabble now he Cassius Clay
but i’m Hurricane Carter, you know im gon catch a case but Lil Wayne Carter what I call my 38
Kiss your baby in the face if you play with where I stay


Cherry Ave, Downey Ave, ho you average Louis bag, Gucci bag, you got baggage
I will never give my money to a bad bitch (x2)
Dairy Ave, Locust Ave, ho you average Birkin bag, Chloe bag, you got baggage
You will never catch me slippin out in traffic You will never catch me slippin out in traff...

Vince Staples
  • Vince Staples

    Vince Staples

    Month ago

    This is a bar checc I REPEAT this IS a bar checc. What's your favorite bar from LOA? Happy Juneteenth

    • Nick Mortensen

      Nick Mortensen

      Day ago


    • Osher Eb

      Osher Eb

      Day ago

      you will never catch me slippin' out in traffic

    • Андрей Березин

      Андрей Березин

      Day ago

      @Gregory Perkins can you tell me is there a hidden meaning? The line is pretty straight, cant catch whats so good in it. English's not my native language

    • Jacob Caudill

      Jacob Caudill

      2 days ago

      Album was fire your fans love it but you gon get burried by that isiah album that freddie gibbs album that kendrick album and that pusha t and kanye album. this one made my playlist but no bars stuck out. you know these underground cats out rap yall anyways nothing out raps haram

    • xandersnatch


      4 days ago

      Wasn't what he thought We caught him like a catfish

  • Anthony Thomas

    Anthony Thomas

    5 hours ago

    This is directed like a spike lee joint

  • KELLY JLK Vlogs

    KELLY JLK Vlogs

    6 hours ago

    This shit wd as hell bro

  • defjeff87


    8 hours ago

    Putting this on repeat and opening up genius so i can try to understand what's being said cause there be bars

  • Patrick Zambelli

    Patrick Zambelli

    11 hours ago

    well, thanks for the new obsession, been a while since I hit a track multiple times in a day but this might be the sixth play

  • Kushed Out Vids

    Kushed Out Vids

    21 hour ago

    Fuck a friend I don't want no friend with open hands..... Feel that !

  • ice cream guy

    ice cream guy

    Day ago

    the amount of times i've listened to this is probably unhealthy but fucc health its Vince Staples

  • Nick Mortensen

    Nick Mortensen

    Day ago

    Only love her if she ratchet-
    If that ass hit-

  • Rage gang

    Rage gang

    Day ago

    "Amg smg that's the shit I'm into" 🔥

  • et de stellis

    et de stellis

    Day ago

    "only love her if she ratchet, if that ass shit" 💯 😤👌

  • Kevin Scharwath

    Kevin Scharwath

    Day ago

    Wasn't what he thought, caught him like a catfish

  • Андрей Березин

    Андрей Березин

    Day ago


  • Austin Wood

    Austin Wood

    2 days ago

    Wanna buy every T-shirt in this video

  • J Sett

    J Sett

    2 days ago

    Half a million of these views are from me.

  • Akria


    2 days ago


  • Noah Lemley

    Noah Lemley

    2 days ago

    Unbelievable shit Vince. I heard it when it dropped and had to come back later bc it made me emotional. Stay goated

  • CEASE LO Official

    CEASE LO Official

    3 days ago

    This new flow is crazy.. Vince one of the most consistent fr

  • KvreeM


    3 days ago

    Idk wats in that water on the west coast but... IIIII NEEEEEED IIIIITTTT

  • Hash Makers

    Hash Makers

    3 days ago


  • Alex Smith

    Alex Smith

    3 days ago

    When Gary Busey learns shadow clone jutsu.

  • Gman87 Wilcoxon

    Gman87 Wilcoxon

    3 days ago

    Mac Miller vibes

  • Kushed Out Vids

    Kushed Out Vids

    3 days ago

    That beat raw asf

  • Yolanda Cornwallis

    Yolanda Cornwallis

    4 days ago


  • Galilean Blue

    Galilean Blue

    4 days ago

    caralho cara, isso é muito bom, mandou muito

  • Reeqee Jacobs

    Reeqee Jacobs

    4 days ago

    Hardest track I've ever heard

    • Reeqee Jacobs

      Reeqee Jacobs

      4 days ago

      New anthem



    4 days ago

    WHERE ARE THE BEATS VINCE??? Where are the slappers??? Lemme know, Bagbak. Lift Me Up, Blue Suede, Big Fish, Prima Donna, Norf Norf, Hive, So what, thats the Vince I know & love!!!!

  • Rose Wood

    Rose Wood

    4 days ago

    Thanks My G 💯🔥🔥🔥

  • Stuff by Caleb

    Stuff by Caleb

    5 days ago

    the truth

  • Rudolph A

    Rudolph A

    5 days ago

    To anyone familiar with the red pill, if you pay attention the lyrics to this song are red pilled asf.

  • *jO hn !!

    *jO hn !!

    5 days ago


  • anime dumpster fire

    anime dumpster fire

    5 days ago

    Man, you low key tryina' get dem OSCARS. Eh? Eh?
    These videos for real too good for Youtube. You excelling the CULTURE. Pesce.

  • Big Black Crypto

    Big Black Crypto

    5 days ago

    00:01:25 I remember seeing Hurricane Carter at the premier of his movie in Toronto w/ my dad. That man beat a case while fighting for his life. I had no men could get breast cancer. This man changed lives & saved lives after having so much of his life stolen from him.

  • Jamie Matindi

    Jamie Matindi

    5 days ago

    The Get Out 2 Teaser Trailer looking sick af

  • johnson limerstine

    johnson limerstine

    5 days ago

    Can you do a remix with you featuring yourself so we can get this song can play for 5 minutes?

    • Reeqee Jacobs

      Reeqee Jacobs

      4 days ago


  • CapT


    5 days ago

    man's Michael B Jordan+Westbrook kinda hot.

  • Red Wizxrd

    Red Wizxrd

    6 days ago

    The scene with all the blue lasers is super visually appealing. I love when music videos have moments that took a very small budget but still look dope

  • some nothing

    some nothing

    6 days ago

    is this song just super funny 2 anyone else too? haha song is hard but funny asf

  • Josh P

    Josh P

    6 days ago

    I will never give no money to a bad bitch.

  • Lowly Films

    Lowly Films

    6 days ago

    I was looking for sales tips but this is way better. Thanks.

  • Grahm Piche

    Grahm Piche

    6 days ago

    Why doesn't Vince have million subs. I dont get it. One of the best of our times. Hes been on since earl tape he needs more recognition!!

  • Elijah Rivera

    Elijah Rivera

    6 days ago

    The people who disliked are just following the law...

  • MFmyk3


    6 days ago

    lyrically sounding like the next everything about this slaP

  • John Diggle

    John Diggle

    7 days ago

    This dude fell off after norf norf

  • Gavin Plant

    Gavin Plant

    7 days ago

    Where can we get some of these shirts

  • Tommy


    7 days ago


  • D!lly Beamen

    D!lly Beamen

    7 days ago


  • Lyric C

    Lyric C

    7 days ago

    I really listen to this song every damn day Vince!! Thank you for this hit

  • josemcgrubber


    7 days ago

    Keeps getting better in my opinion. Dreamy beats and classic bars. FAV bar is "Birkin bag Cholet bag you got baggage" ... I think these bags are unsightly and for some reason brings me great joy to think of Vince proper full pelt no hold back smacking someone right in the jaw with a Birkin bag

  • Bassment


    8 days ago

    That snare!!!! that 808!!! the drums in this are so fresh!!

  • FrostBurn


    8 days ago

    Looks like a bunch of dababys

  • Blanked studios

    Blanked studios

    8 days ago

    this sample is fire

  • FDT


    8 days ago

    Raging bull

  • Ally Peck

    Ally Peck

    8 days ago


  • Grahm Piche

    Grahm Piche

    8 days ago

    I love vince. Been a fan since early earl days. Check out Dank! And martin ruger king my new guys. Hes been fire since forever

  • Itsjust. ivani

    Itsjust. ivani

    8 days ago

    " I will never give my money to a bad bitch "

  • spacemandru


    8 days ago

    Was this shot on film or is it a filter, any 5 heads in the chat?

  • Ramen's World

    Ramen's World

    8 days ago

    All I can say is "Wtf" every time i listen to this track. This song is toooooooo good all across the board. Vince, the production, the engineering. This song is nuts yo.

  • Elijah Rivera

    Elijah Rivera

    8 days ago

    what's the voice in the back saying tho??

  • Shayne B.

    Shayne B.

    8 days ago

    Keeping this on repeat. Another gem from Vince. Shout out Mike G @ 0:55

  • VEngEAnCE


    8 days ago

    Kenny Beats: "BRO, GET OUT OF THE BOOTH BRO"

  • Jody Phillips

    Jody Phillips

    9 days ago


  • Bless Dhaura

    Bless Dhaura

    9 days ago

    vince why did you make this song . Now i cant study .DAMN YOU AINT AVERAGE

  • Jermaine Odom

    Jermaine Odom

    9 days ago

    where you get that long sleeve from the one under the vest

  • papifelix


    9 days ago

    i pray this song stops playing in ADs, so annoying

  • RS


    9 days ago

    These drone shots are insane

  • Ro Lone star

    Ro Lone star

    9 days ago

    SUBSCRIBE if you listen to the music and liked the video!

  • Lydia Hackett

    Lydia Hackett

    9 days ago

    Okay can somebody find the man in the yellow? Like he’s fine as hell

  • Dazmin D’Leon Music

    Dazmin D’Leon Music

    9 days ago

    Listen if your a Vince Staple Fan

  • Jordan Simons

    Jordan Simons

    9 days ago

    Amg's and Smg"s im into that shit..

  • Geco Lostinhismind

    Geco Lostinhismind

    9 days ago

    Daddy just came back with some new candys /// bless vince

  • WaviiiKy


    9 days ago

    I seen Mike G or am i high?

  • 8illy


    9 days ago

    so hard

  • Blake Wurtzler

    Blake Wurtzler

    9 days ago

    who directed this?

  • Christopher Scott

    Christopher Scott

    9 days ago

    I see mike g in the vid

  • Ram S

    Ram S

    9 days ago

    its messed up how good this is lol...WOW

  • Derek Robinson

    Derek Robinson

    10 days ago

    Love from oakhurst Savannah Georgia

  • Seven soul

    Seven soul

    10 days ago

    amg's and smg's im into that shit aye

  • Brent Dullum

    Brent Dullum

    10 days ago

    Why everybody look like DABABY???

  • Big Greasy

    Big Greasy

    10 days ago

    Who did the visuals? Shit is weird AF and works

  • Juan Hamilton

    Juan Hamilton

    10 days ago


  • 2023music


    10 days ago


  • J Carr

    J Carr

    10 days ago

    Fucking albums crazy

  • Rafiki Music

    Rafiki Music

    10 days ago

    I only post free for profit type beats! Just wanna give back to those workin hard:)



    10 days ago

    That Hip Hop thing y'all said was dead...ain't. This it right here, alive and well.

  • Generic Static Shock

    Generic Static Shock

    10 days ago

    This video feels like my last acid trip

  • Xanax & Visuals

    Xanax & Visuals

    10 days ago

    Woaaahhh what just happened, goddamn!!!!

  • By The City Of Hawks

    By The City Of Hawks

    10 days ago

    I do not understand

  • williz Art

    williz Art

    10 days ago

    Haga las rolas de más de 4 minutos jijosupirramadri

  • Overlord Jonezzz

    Overlord Jonezzz

    10 days ago


  • Ourcapsoul Collective

    Ourcapsoul Collective

    10 days ago

    Vince videos always make the song better Somehow 👏🏽

  • kensyre


    11 days ago

    damn they got hella dababys in the video

  • Léon Sarfoh

    Léon Sarfoh

    11 days ago

    pglang energy

  • Henbot


    11 days ago

    What a hideously nihilistic song

    • The Late Mr. Hurricane

      The Late Mr. Hurricane

      6 days ago

      Most of his stuff is satirizing the nihilism of hiphop imo.

  • Crenshaw 2.0

    Crenshaw 2.0

    11 days ago


  • Daniel Mehok

    Daniel Mehok

    11 days ago

    Vince kinda fell off for me. Didn't care much for FM but damn this project is insane. Favorite drop of the year so far. I think he's found a sound that fits him really well!

  • R3BeL


    11 days ago

    Fuck a friend, I don’t want no friends with no open hands.
    Count my bands all alone at home don’t you hit my phone.

  • jeffrey Tone

    jeffrey Tone

    11 days ago

    Let's goo Vince!!!! 🙌🔥



    11 days ago

    This is fuckin incredible!!!

  • Marryme Kiara

    Marryme Kiara

    11 days ago

    Why everyone looking like dababy in this bitch 🤣



    11 days ago

    Visuals 10x better then the song