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Published on Dec 2, 2020
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Today I tested every way to cook wagyu with an amazing picanha that was a true show stopper. Cooking this amazing meat this way was an experience we will never forget. Some of them we recommend other not so much but the winner in the end took the icing on the cake.

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    • Russell


      7 days ago

      A char is only on the surface, it's not overcooked.

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    try dipping the sliced steak in malaysian sambal belacan sauce

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      Tried that sauce once when I lived next door to a Malaysian family and hoooo boy it's amazing. and I think you're onto something.

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    The majority of Wagyu cattle bred in Japan today are of the "Kuroge wasyu" breed and are descended from the Bull of sire named "Tajiri", although there are exceptions. Kobe gyu, Matsuzaka gyu and Omi gyu cattle are descended from the "Tajiri" sire.
    For the Australian WAGYU, Mr David Blackmore acquired the gene from Mr Shogo Takeda of Hokkaido in 1994 and succeeded in producing a "Full Blooded WAGYU" at the end of the 1990s. We are not sure if it is Tajiri's bloodline or not, but it is definitely Wagyu.
    In Japan, an annual competition is held to determine the best production site in Japan. The meat is graded on five levels, and even I, as a Japanese, rarely can to eat the top grade, A-5. The best way to eat wagyu in my opinion is steak with wasabi and soy sauce, otherwise it is "sukiyaki".

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      7 days ago

      @Norok Vokun Eggs are pasteurized, you can eat them raw.

    • Norok Vokun

      Norok Vokun

      29 days ago

      That one was raw, which is not reccomended, unless you wash your egg before opening it to get rid of potential salmonella, which can be a thing in the best eggs theoretically.

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